Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The push is on . . .

Don's . . . with his new front bedroom windows, new roof completely done and the new siding all across the front.  Since this was taken Don has chosen the color for his siding and started the staining process.  He chose a blue gray that goes really nicely with the gray shingles.

And now . . . Don must be moved back into his home by October 10th.  If we all do the math correctly that means less than 30 days from today. 

He has been living with his brother since we started this project and his brother is being relocated with his job.

So the push is on --- big time!  We need volunteers to get this house back to a home for Don!

What needs done, you ask?  

In order to get him back home (we are leaving the back 2 bedrooms completely gutted with nothing more done until we get him home -- he doesn't need those to get back home) we need to put up a small amount of insulation (wall and ceiling), sheetrock in his bedroom along with finishing it and painting it, paint the dining room, install laminate flooring in his family room and carpeting in his bedroom.

Not alot of work --- one good team of volunteers could have it all done in a week!

But . . . getting those volunteers has been more difficult than pulling teeth (as the old saying goes).  Yesterday I made a poster and sent it to the Amvets facility hoping to get some help.  They were huge in the immediate aftermath of the tornado last year and just maybe there are some who would like to be in on the final project?  Am praying!!!!!

Don has had the patience of Job on this project.  He had planned on doing so much of the work himself --- and then he got a much needed job!  Work must come first and even with working he has already done soooo much!

If you -- or anyone you know --- can help out in any way with bringing this project to a close PLEASE let me know!

"Rebuilding lives by rebuilding homes"  --- it's time!

Until next time . . . "as you did for the least of these, you did for Me."          Susan and Monty

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