Friday, September 21, 2012

The "hits" just keep coming . . .

I realize I hadn't posted any pictures from Monty's birthday celebration.  These were taken at the Maui team cookout at Becky's on Saturday night.
This was his cake -- sock monkeys!!!  Priceless!

I also realize it's been a few days since I last wrote and I am sorry.  Once again the time goes . . . well, I'm not exactly sure.

I can't believe it's Friday already but in one way I am glad.

Walking Ms Gladys's dog, Benji, has been keeping me a bit busier than normal.  Each day I have taken her meals and always take some time to sit and visit with her.  It breaks my heart that she is so alone.  Today she asked me to help her with her washing machine.  Her grandson in law had put some tape on the dials so she could feel where to set them but the tape had worn down to where she could no longer feel.  So with a little creativity I had her able to do her washing and drying once again.  I also made her a pan of scalloped potatoes (from the box) like she had mentioned in one of our conversations.  She laughs when she says Benji has more energy than ever and next week I plan on reading the Bible to her.  She has brought such joy to my life and I thank God for bringing her to me.

Today a friend from our church, Rich, went to Don's to do some work.  He had one of his friends come also and John came to lend a hand so this morning was a busy one.  They did a bit of electrical work in preparation of hanging the sheetrock on the ceiling of his bedroom.  They got the wall insulation installed and will be returning tomorrow to continue.  I had the plan of getting his dining room painted but that didn't pan out.  My day got "rearranged" and so . . . my neighbor, Shelley, may be going over and doing it on her day off tomorrow. 

With the men's team coming next Thursday and Friday afternoons I hope some real progress will be made.  October 10th is getting closer and closer and each volunteer makes a huge difference.  I was able to return quite a few things today and get a good credit -- so I can turn around and spend it on something else!  I like it when I get to take things back.

This evening we will be taking our grandchildren to dinner.  We love doing that and let them select where they would like to go.  I wonder if it will be the pizza buffet again?  They are so funny and it just makes our day to spend time with them.

I did go over to their house and planned on painting the treehouse yesterday -- until the skies turned dark and the rains started falling.  So . . . another day rearranged for me.

Tomorrow we will be spending time with my son and daughter in law at a local fall festival.  I pray the rains will stay away and love the idea of needing a sweatshirt!!  I have so waited for these cooler days and am thankful for each one!

With everything going on in all different directions I still have been taking "hits" from satan --also from every direction!  Scripture tells us that his one and only goal is to "steal, kill and destroy" and I have felt those "goals" daily -- each day with a bit more intensity!  Last night I found myself outside behind my neighbor's house (she wasn't there) and out loud shouting at satan!  I have thought about doing it so many times but last night brought me to the brink and I shouted!  I called out the name of Jesus and pled His blood over everything and told satan to pack it up and get out of here!  I am so over him and have enough bruises to last awhile!  Will you join me in those same prayers and statements of faith!?

I pray all of you enjoy your weekend and have many things to praise our Lord for when you are in your local church on Sunday morning!  No matter how many "hits" -- the blessings out weigh them and by reading the end of the Book I know we ultimately win!!!!!!!!  

Until next time . . . blessings to all.                                         Susan and Monty

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