Thursday, September 27, 2012

Starting crunch time

With October just around the corner and Don needing to be back in his home by the 10th we are trying everything we can to push things along.  It's been a tough road with the lack of volunteers but today was a great blessing!

A local men's rehabilitation center in the county to the south of us came and worked this afternoon and will return for 2 days next week.  David is running an amazing program where the men residing there volunteer their time every afternoon.  David said today he has so many people needing their help that he can hardly keep up.

They did great work this afternoon finally getting the ceiling insulation in the family room.  The intense heat all summer kept us from getting this done since it had to be done via the attic.  Today was a perfect day with cooler temps and partly cloudy skies.

They also worked on the sheetrock in his bedroom and made some much needed repairs to the front door area.

These men are such blessings and please remember to hold them up in prayer as they each are going through tough times in trying to turn their lives around and follow Jesus.  David (the minister) also needs prayer to keep on keeping on in this calling on his life.

Until next time . . . our thanks to the HeavenNevaeh men!             Susan and Monty

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