Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Home . . . thoughts

Leaving for home . . . the long flights ahead . . . tired and yet filled up . . . lives changed forever!

Our flight home took us from Maui airport into Dallas.  With the time change we somehow completely missed Thursday night.  Sleeping on the plane was nearly impossible as Bobby, Hannah and I had the very very last row of the plane -- the 3 seats in the center of the plane where you can see absolutely nothing!  Bev was 4 rows ahead of us.  Not only were we freezing cold during the entire 6 1/2 hour flight but we were next to the bathrooms and I have concluded that no drinks should be served while flying at night!    :)

We did have a 3 hour layover in Dallas where we tried to figure out what time zone we were in and also eat something.  When you've missed a nights sleep not much of anything sounds good to eat.

The flight from Dallas to Indianapolis was a little over 75 minutes and we were all way more than ready to get off the plane.  The hour drive home was quiet as we were all just numb.  It was good to see our families as we pulled back into the Sam's Club parking lot.  I felt like I didn't want to let go of Monty.  Bobby's dad was there waiting for him and Hannah's mom followed within minutes.  We didn't spend much time with goodbyes as everyone was tired and hungry and confused as to what day it was.

I will admit that it took me a full week to recover physically.  Sleep evaded me for nights but it was all worth it.

As I think back (and got to spend all of yesterday afternoon with Bev, Sus and Jess reliving so many of the things that happened) I realize each day just how much our lives have been changed.  I know I expected it to happen with everyone else but not much for myself.  After all - we've been doing this  for 7 years now but . . . I was surprised.  I feel such a connection with each of the team members! 

Becky made it to Bible study yesterday morning and it was like seeing a family member.  Bev gave me a ride and all we could talk about was "this" and "that" constantly.  Folks listening to us could only say they wished they would've gone!

Becky is planning a cookout "reunion" this month and I already know that we will all be telling stories and laughing and talking about how God did this and how He did that!  Each team member felt God's presence like never before and since God is all about relationships --- well --- we all know that even better now!

I have seen many, many miracles over the years and stood in amazement at each one.  My week in Maui brought even more and I still stand in amazement --- and thanks --- and wonder that God would use a plain old person like myself to work His wonders through! 

None of us knew what to expect on the trip.  All of us just said "yes" and left the rest to God. 

Aren't we glad we did!  God is the perfect planner and I love the surprises He had and the blessings He poured over all of us.

Moral of the story --- as each one said in their presentation in church this past Sunday --- "if you have the opportunity to go --- go!  And if you can help send someone else --- send them."

Until next time . . . God is such an awesome God!!!!!                               Susan and Monty

(one last view from our window)

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