Sunday, September 09, 2012

Heaven Rejoices

Yesterday morning Carla went where she knew she was going --- and heaven in rejoicing! 

I went to see her Friday afternoon and . . . we received the news before noon yesterday.

When I went to visit I was able to share and talk with her mother and mother in law who had been by her bedside continually.

I shared how I remembered one of the first times I saw her -- her physical beauty and the beauty within that shone bright enough to light up the room.  She sat with the single girls in church and I was more than shocked when she told me she was 41 --- only 3 years younger than me at the time!

We shared how she had a love for life and for people and how her smile was contagious! 

I remember the day she told me she and Todd were getting married.  She said she finally found her soul mate --- just like I had!!!!  She was right.

Todd is understandably struggling with all this and even though she and he had already made all the final arrangements --- we're never ready to let go of a loved one.  And especially not our soul mate!

Please cover this entire family -- and extended family -- in your prayers.

Carla always said she wasn't afraid and she was excited to get to meet Jesus.  I know it must have been quite an introduction and the celebration will continue for quite some time!

I loved you Carla -- you were such an inspiration to me in so many ways -- and I will miss you more than you could imagine.  The front row of church will never be the same!

But I also know you are with Jesus in heaven and will be front and center when it comes to praising Him!

Until next time . . .  give your loved ones a special hug today!                  Susan and Monty

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