Thursday, November 03, 2011

Narrowing the direction

I took this picture of the red maple tree in our front yard a couple of days ago and it's a good thing as today the rains came and the leaves are falling faster than the rain drops!  And I just blew leaves from our landscaping and mowed and mowed 5 more yards yesterday!  Today . . . you can't tell I did a thing!  But I enjoyed the warm weather yesterday and loved seeing the beauty of God in the ever changing creation all around us!

Today I have spent most all day either on the computer or on the phone.  With the fundraising festival raising enough funds to cover the cost of the new windows and heating and air system for Micheal's, this Saturday's work day will be a big one!  Rob will be bringing both the new exterior doors (thanks to the generous hearts of Vineyard church) so changes will be happening, ones that are alot more visible and that lead us closer and closer to putting in walls!  Thank you Lord!

I also spent some time talking with Jane of Indianapolis's Catholic Charities about the upcoming projects of rebuilding/repairing the 20 plus homes here at home!  How exciting this is for us!  Doing what God called us to do -- right here at home!  She and I will be meeting next week and I will then have files on each homeowner and know a bit more about which direction we are going when.  

The plea for volunteers has already been put out there but I will continue to "harp" on it!  Today was a boost for me when Monroe called me.  Monroe led teams Amish volunteers for 2 months in Texas.  We had the pleasure of getting to know him, his heart and his desire to work with us again on a project.  He just lives across the state line in Illinois and is also excited about the possibility of coming over here, a short drive, to help those who are now looking at winter weather knocking on their doors --- if they have doors to knock on!

God has blessed us with both Michael's project and now these upcoming ones!  The joy has welled up in my heart, my joy runs even deeper and my faith is stronger than ever!

A couple of months ago this question was asked in Bible study, "how do you know what your calling is?"  My response was/is, "what is the thing that when you do it -- it brings you life?"  THAT is your calling!  When you are operating in your calling you are alive, you are energetic, you are powerful, you are joyful, it's visible to the naked eye of others, they want a piece of "it", and even though you may not have the resources, the time and/or the ability --- you know God has called you to "it" and you will let nothing stop you!  You will let nothing stand in your way!  Your faith will be tested and will stand the test and will come out stronger than before the testing!

Scripture tells us that "with God, nothing is impossible."  We all know that verse -- but -- do we really know that verse!!!???  Do we just speak the words in one sentence and then speak all our doubts in the next?  Do we stand on that, stand firm, unmovable, unshakable, resolute, determined?

I choose to believe, to stand tough, to let satan know Who is the ultimate boss and then pray my actions do the same!!!

Until next time . . . bless someone else today!  You'll be glad you did!  And so will they!
Susan and Monty

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