Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanks John

Every Saturday is a work day at Michael's and even though this was a holiday weekend one faithful volunteer came out to help -- John.

John has been involved quite a few Saturdays and usually Monty picks him up and gives him a ride.  With Monty's finger still healing he decided it was best for him to not go and take the chance of further injury.  That was fine with John - he drove himself and was such a big help to Michael - especially since he was the only volunteer!

The first task at hand was to put plastic over the new back windows.  They still need the trim pieces at the top (you can see the area above the window) and that is where water wants to come in.  With rain in the forecast it was necessary to do a make-shift fix for the time being.   With the exterior of this trailer being metal - duct tape will not stick.  But we got busy tossing ideas around and came up with a solution that was indeed put to the test last night and will be for the next few days according to the weather man.  Let's pray it works.

Next came the task of continuing the ceiling insulation.  You can see by the picture that quite alot has already been done and that Michael will be both toasty warm in the winter and nice and cool in the summer.  Insulation is not something "joyful" to work in - but John finds joy in everything he does and came dressed for the job - long sleeves.

Michael is always right there lending a helping hand and most of the time trying to get the job done himself but let's face it -- doing ceiling insulation from a wheelchair?  And yet he had already found a way!

It's not completely done but with a few more volunteers and a few more hours we can call it buttoned up and ready for ceiling sheetrock!  That is a day Michael (and all of us) have really been looking forward to!

Michael also put a request out over the internet for the wire we will need to connect to the permanent power pole outside for the final electrical work.  The wire normally retails for nearly $4.00 per foot.  He received an answer from someone who has a brand new roll, more than enough for what we need, and is selling it for $1.00 per foot!  Thank you Lord - for that miraculous answer to prayers! 

In my morning Bible studies the other day I read this: "The basic motivation of life is that we please God more than people and thus serve people through God's love."

Each time someone volunteers to help Michael (or anyone else in need) they love God more than people and show that love by serving those people in need.

Think about that and take a quick look around you -- I guarantee you can show God's love in ways you never imagined.   We just need to take our blinders off and really look . . .

Until next time . . . it's always the season to serve people through God's love!          Susan and Monty

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