Saturday, November 19, 2011

Heating and Air . . . INSTALLED!!

My apologies for not having pictures of today's progress at Michael's.  I just could not get there today.

But . . . Michael informed me that his brand new heating and air unit are installed!!  He has no idea just how warm and cool his new home will be!  In his current living conditions he must heat with wood.  This means he has to wheel himself outside to get the wood, then get it stacked on his front porch area, then roll from inside the house to the porch, load the wood on his lap, manuever back inside and load the woodstove!  And then when he and I were talking the other day he was telling me how the wind blows through around the windows so much that the curtains are swaying back and forth!  So this heating and air unit is a blessing he's yet to fully experience! 

Many, many thanks to Schel for making this possible -- and for doing the installation!

Michael also told me he had some helpers today!  Praise God!  They worked very hard to get the ceiling insulation put up to prepare for the ceiling sheetrock to begin.  If you read a couple of days ago Michael was doing this alone -- using a broom -- because there was no one to help him!  Volunteers are far more priceless than they can imagine!

Since Monty had to stop the installation of the door yesterday and make a mad dash to the ER for his finger -- he had to finish it today.  He doesn't get paid until the job is done so . . . I went with him to try and help.  We did get it done and he also found out that even though it's just one finger, it affects your entire body!  The pain was tremendous by the time we got home.  He will be taking all of next week off to allow this injury to graft itself back to his hand and heal properly.  After working today, he didn't argue with me!!!

With this next week being Thanksgiving week he won't miss that much work.  And he needs to catch up with some rest anyway.

Once again, many thanks to all who helped Michael today.  And many thanks to all of you who have expressed your concern over Monty right now!

Tomorrow is Sunday -- the perfect day to thank and praise God for all His blessings!

Until next time . . . our God is an awesome God!                           Susan and Monty

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