Sunday, November 06, 2011

25 Years!!!!!!! Let's celebrate!!

First of all --- wishing a very happy birthday to the dad -- Terry!  I can't imagine what a celebration all 10 kids and Cheryl must have planned for this evening!  We love you all and can't wait to see you again!

Psalm 127: 1 says, "Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it."  The theme of this morning's message at church --- hold that thought as yesterday's progress at Michael's is shown in pictures.

Zac is helping Schel with cleaning all the duct work underneath the trailer in preparation for the installation of the new heating and air system which should be here and ready for install next Saturday.

Cody gets some of the tough work -- scraping the old, dried up glue that held in the old windows.  This trailer is a 1989 so that glue has been there for awhile! 

Schel and Zac cleaning and repairing and preparing.  Schel is a heating and air technician so he's "the man" when it comes to that project!

Zac and John are working on putting the vapor barrier underneath the trailer and as you can see - this end doesn't have much working room underneath so it took some reaching and stretching and dedication!
Michael's new handicapped accessible shower for his bathroom.  It's industrial size, 60 inches across and 37 inches deep!  The grab bars are molded into the walls along with the soap dish and the faucet is a hand held with the mounting located just above the water turn on -- within reach of someone sitting down!  And this was donated!!!!  Isn't God awesome!

Next Satuday will be new door installation, both front and back, thanks to our Vineyard church and their most blessed donation!  We will also be starting the install of the heating and air unit and insulating the ceilings before hanging the sheetrock up there.  The more the insulation the better for both winter and summer -- and Michael!  So if you have some spare time next Saturday make sure and come on out and enjoy the fellowship that goes along with the work!

Which now brings me to the scripture at the beginning of this blog.

This morning we celebrated our own Pastor Dave and Lisa being here and pastoring Vineyard church for 25 years!!!  (And they aren't as old as me!) 

It was an incredible morning.  We joined service with another local church here, another Pastor Dave at Genesis church.  Both Daves are close friends and not only did Genesis open it's doors to all us Vineyard folks and bless and honor Dave and Lisa, they had a huge pitch in luncheon following and we all left overflowing with even more love and respect for this amazing couple who have dedicated their lives to serving God, but also to leading us lost sheep in the direction of heaven!  We all look forward to the next 25 years! 

Pastor Dave of Genesis gave us a message that -- for me -- had a double meaning.  One of those times where I knew it was God speaking to me.

When we think of a house or a home we hope and want it to be atleast 4 things:
1.  a place of peace
2.  a place of safety and protection
3.  a  place of correction (maybe not tops on our list -- but necessary)
4.  a place of commitment
As Pastor Dave (of Genesis) talked about these points I couldn't help hear God speaking to me about the homes we have rebuilt in the past, Michael's that we are rebuilding right now and all those homes damaged from this springs tornadoes right here in our own city that are being turned over to us to rebuild/repair.

Those 4 things always have been, and always will be, priorities with us.  I heard God telling me that this is why we are home here for another winter.  This is what He wants us to be doing -- only this time right here -- where local folks can help local folks -- where God can show us the value of a home that is peaceful and safe and how important correction and commitment are in that home.  God reaffirmed to me that THIS is what He has called us to do -- for others to see -- for others to experience -- for others to be a blessing -- for others to be blessed -- for others to see His hands at work and His heart for both the homeowners and the workers!

What an awesome God we serve -- the same God that Dave and Lisa have dedicated their lives to for the past 25 years and for the rest of their lives!  All of us who are blessed to be a part of Vineyard Community Church -- who call it home -- know that it's a place of peace, safety, protection, correction and commitment --- that's why it's HOME!!!!

To Dave and Lisa -- thank you doesn't begin to express our appreciation, our friendship nor our love.  Just know you are priceless to the both of us - and to so many others!  It's an honor to know you and a bigger honor to know you are our friends -- our family!!!!

To Pastor Dave of Genesis -- thank you and your congregation for your hospitality, your love and your message this morning!  You also keep doing what you are doing and know God will bless you for it!

Until next time . . . what is your house like?                               Susan and Monty

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