Friday, November 11, 2011

Leaves . . . and more leaves . . .

Today was one of those days that I can get lost in.  Early this morning I headed outside to try and do something with the "depth" of leaves that had accumulated in our yard.  With an extremely large pin oak tree and an equally large maple tree the leaves were amazing.

A very dear friend of mine knows how much I enjoy working outside so he gave me an electric blower.  I have learned to love that thing.  I got ahold of it and started in our yard.  It took quite a long time but it now looks really good -- atleast you can see the grass now.

From there I headed across the street to our neighbor lady and she had even more in her yard than we did.  She backs up to the woods and so . . . She now also looks good. 

And then there was one more neighbor and it also looks alot better.

In between I was answering phone calls and talking with our Amish buddy, Monroe, about Don's house - the one hit by the tornado and the one I showed you pics of a few days ago.  Monroe and his team worked with us over 2 months in Texas and I know what kind of miraculous work they are capable of.  The exact kind of work we need with Don.  Monroe is checking his schedule and will hopefully make it over here early next week -- before I have my meeting with the building commissioner.

Our dear friend Rob, who has been the lead carpenter on Michael's, is also going to take a look at Don's sometime on Monday and give me his opinion.  He not only is a fabulous carpenter, he has a heart for this kind of work and I trust his ideas and thoughts more than anyone else.

It is my hope that after these two gentlemen look at Don's we can come to a decision as to what direction we will head.

I am also excited as the article in our local newspaper asking for volunteers has spurred some emails and a couple of them are interested in helping at Michael's on Saturdays until we have a direction for them here.  One is a carpenter and I hope to get him into another home next week, depending on his schedule.

Last night we were blessed to be able to attend the Campus Life banquet and someone asked me a question sort of caught me off guard but is typical of my life here at home.  They asked what we have been doing and when we told them about Michael's project and Monty working full time and on his own during and sometimes 7 days a week -- they looked at me and asked, "what do you do all week?"  My first thought -- they obviously don't read the blog -- and my second thought was "sometimes it's tiring trying to explain to someone what I actually do!"  I truly do think I am an alien here on earth!     :)

So tomorrow I return to Michael's and see how many volunteers show up.  I know Rob will be there as he has the new exterior doors and will be doing the reframing job to install them both.  And Schel will be there as he's bringing the new heating and air system.  I will be stopping to purchase all the ceiling insulation early in the morning and hopefully we have plenty of help to get all the projects completed!  The weather is supposed to be sunshine and in the low 60s so --- perfect!

Once again I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who do read the blog and do understand what we do and why we do it!  We appreciate your love, your prayers and your support more than you know!

Until next time . . . blessings one and all.                                Susan and Monty

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