Saturday, November 12, 2011

One Man . . .

This day started off in a way I have been dreading -- our neighbors moved away!  For 16 years they have lived across the street from us -- I don't know life without them being there!  When I first bought our house I was newly divorced with 3 children and not a clue about what to do to survive.  We had lived in an apartment for a few months and I did not want to stay there.  My children had always lived in a house and when I went looking on a Sunday afternoon I found this one.  It was in my price range and the neighborhood seemed perfect.

The first time I met Tony and Evie I knew they were special.  My front deck was rather nasty as you could see underneath and I shared with them that one of my first projects was going to be to add boards to make sides.  When I got home the next day -- the project was done.  All I needed to do was to paint them!  I was shocked and thrilled and from day one we have been the best of friends.

Today they brought in the rental truck and along with their 3 kids and 3 kids in law they packed up and headed to their new home in Greenwood.  They want to be closer to their grandchildren and although we know it's the best thing for them --- I am being totally selfish in saying I cried and cried this morning in trying to wish them well and "see you later."

Lord, please bless them and keep them --- for us!

After bidding them farewell Monty was off to try and accomplish 3 jobs in 1 day.  This time he took John as a helper and they did get one of them complete.  The other 2 will come next week.  The main one was to seal the roof of a mobile home and they had to wait for the temps to reach high enough to get it done.  The sun was bright and the winds blowing so the job got done and John learned that coating a roof is sort of like painting with glue!

I headed south to Michael's.  Saturdays are always work days and today the new entry doors were on Rob's truck and ready to be installed --- thanks to the Vineyard church!!!!  How awesome!!!  I made a stop at Lowes to pick up ceiling insulation and because of a special sale I was able to purchase a much higher grade than we expected.  The salesmen laughed when I told them I could get all 32 rolls in the back of my truck -- until they saw me pack them in!  They had no idea they were dealing with the queen of packing a truck bed!  I even got a couple of 2 x 6's in there!

When I arrived at Michael's there was only one volunteer there for work day!  Rob -- one man!!  But oh that man!  Rob is a dear friend of ours who came to Texas to work with us and really has a heart for this kind of work.  He is a contractor and I really believe he can build anything!  He works at a constant speed -- non stop.  He doesn't get rattled, he doesn't get angry, he doesn't get frustrated, he just works and smiles and shares life with Michael --- basically a perfect example of Jesus' love!  He had the front door installed -- one wide enough for Michael to move in and out of with ease and when he pulled out the gold colored door handle and bolt lock --- his smile shown like gold!  He loved the idea of a handle instead of a door knob and was so excited when it was all put together!  You can see below.  Look closely at the one picture and see his smile through the door window!

One person CAN make a BIG difference --- and most people just don't realize that!  They think and feel like they can't do anything, they don't know how, they are just one and that's not enough -- all sorts of thoughts that are nothing but lies from satan!  Rob shows that one person, just one - who has the heart to serve, who knows that our mission field is sometimes right outside our own back door, who works all week long and yet comes out on Saturdays to help and serve and be the hands and feet of Jesus!

This world would be such an amazing place if more people were half that dedicated and committed to God!

Rob -- we thank you and we love you!

I have to show you the before and after pictures of the front door --- amazing!!!

Be sure and stay tuned for more astonishing changes and miracles!  Every Saturday WILL be a work day and we would love it if you would come out and join us, join in the laughter, join in the work, learn something new, show us something new and let the love of Jesus wrap around you while you be a blessing!  It WILL change your life!!!

Until next time . . . praise the Lord in your house of worship tomorrow!!!     Susan and Monty

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