Friday, August 12, 2011

Yes --- I CAN run!

For years I have had the same thought as Forest Gump --- "my runnin' days are over" --- until today!

I was mowing my second yard when I bumped the mower into a nest of ground hornets! They were NOT happy with me and let me know in a BIG way! First my leg, then my hand and finally my face! It's a miracle I don't have more stings as when I finally looked down at myself I was covered with hornets!

At that second I remembered what my 10 years in pest control husband told me a long time ago. "If you run into hornets -- just run as fast as you can for as long as you can." Guess what, my runnin' days are NOT over after all!!!!! I was able to outrun them and after screaming loud enough to bring the homeower outside they finally went back into their hole and another neighbor was on his way with gasoline to give those hornets a good "bath."

One of the perils of mowing yards for the summer! And I did pick up my 9th one last night so I don't look at stopping anytime soon!

But I will be watching a bit closer from now on.

Until next time . . . what in the world can stop the stinging sensation? Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

I HATE ground hornets! Their sting is the worst (I know this from experience!). Do you know about plantain? (Not the banana-looking veggie from Africa, but the yard weed). It is amazingly effective in treating stings, spider bites, snake bite, etc. as it is very astringent and readily available! It's in lawns (that haven't been treated for weeds). The leaves grow in patches and you will know it by turning it over; there isn't one central spine, but rather all veins run separately into the stem. Chew a piece till it's good and slimy and slap it onto the sting/bite. All pain will be gone within 10 minutes (if caught quickly). Most times, I don't even know when a child has been stung as they have learned to grab plantain.

Glad to know you can still run!