Thursday, August 25, 2011

He's level

When they moved Michael's trailer to it's new location (home) all they could do was "eye-ball" it as level as possible.

Today, Monty's step dad, Tony, went out to make sure it was all good. He does this, and alot more, for a living so we knew it would be perfect. Come to find out one end was one foot higher than the other! Imagine what that would be like when it's all done and Michael rolling through in his wheel chair!

Thanks to Tony it's perfect! He has this "contraption" that he designed and built himself and has used for years and it's amazing!

The real blessing? He donated his time!!!!!! No kidding!!!!! I told you God was in this whole thing and that the blessings were going to reign down over and over again! Mark this one on your list and just try and keep track!!!

Our deepest thanks to Tony!!!!!

Michael's gift to Tony? A big bag of frozed crappie and blue gill fish fillets! Tony couldn't have been happier!!!!!! I wonder if he thawed them out immediately and cooked them up for tonights dinner?

Now we await the marking of the utility lines so Monty and a couple friends can go out and strap and anchor it.

Then . . . let the rebuilding begin!

Be sure and stay tuned. One of my daily emailed devotions was titled"Supersize Your Dreams" and that's exactly what we are doing and believing for! Won't you join us?

Until next time . . . tomorrow I power wash someone else's mobile home deck and clean the gutters while Monty removes a dragging tree limb from his roof. From there I'm off to mow Ms Betty's lawn then return to the neighborhood and hopefully finish the shrub trimming at Shelley's house and maybe even start power washing for her.

And then the fun of the day is babysitting for my grandkids tomorrow evening!!! I bet they will want to take another of our famous baths with all the toys and "paints!!!"

Blessings to all. Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for Michael! If Monty needs any trim, I think he knows where to find it!