Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Volunteers --- are you ready?

Divine appointments -- that's what she prayed for today! Divine they were!

Life giving divine appointments that weren't planned at all -- but they were in God's plan all along!

Please allow me to introduce Michael to you. Michael attends the church in Bedford where I go to Bible study each week. That means I haven't known him all that long. But today . . .

Michael is in a wheel chair -- he's been in it for the past 17 years. I don't know how old Michael is but I would bet he isn't 40 -- which means the motorcycle accident he was in that put him in this wheel chair happened in his late teens or early 20's. His survival depends on disability only -- imagine!

Every single week Michael is at Bible study and every Sunday he's at church. I watch him pull up in his rather elderly Ford truck, open the driver's door, somehow spin himself around and grab his wheel chair out of the bed of the truck and struggle to get seated before closing the truck door. He has some pretty amazing upper body strength.

A few weeks ago Michael was excited to tell us he was able to purchase a "newer" mobile home. He purchased it for a dollar! Yes, one dollar! But . . . it needed alot of work!

After Bible study today I was so very hungry so I stopped to get something to eat before coming home to have some blood work done. As I was eating 2 other Bible study women came in and I asked them to join me. We started talking and the subject of Michael came up. He needed someone to relocate this "new" trailer to his current location. Knowing that Monty does this sort of thing they asked me. All I could say was that we would see what we could do, make some calls and such.

During the cource of the conversation I learned about how Michael has been living over the past years. Not to be cruel but in this day and age I think most of us have better accomodations for our pets!

The 3 of us decided to call Michael and see if we could go and see this "new" trailer. Since restoring them is what Monty and I do in disaster relief we do know a thing or two about them. We called, he met us and off we went.

When we pulled up I will admit thinking that it was in alot better shape than I had pictured. After all, paying one doller -- my expectations weren't very high.

The exterior is in good shape. The interior --- it WILL be in super shape when we get finished and God sets free all the miracles He has in store!

The floors need gutted, the walls need gutted and most of the ceilings need gutted. The kitchen cabinets must go, the 2 bathtubs need to go, there are no toilets (thankfully), a wall needs removed to allow Michael wheel chair access to what will be his bathroom and both entry doors need replaced.

Impossible? No way! As I went through and looked and measured and thought and planned and felt like I came to life I realized --- some wouldn't classify this as a "disaster" by Webster's definition but I know as well as I know anything God has called me to help rebuild this trailer and in doing so help Michael build a life!

So here I am . . . asking for volunteers to jump on board with this project. The trailer is being moved this Thursday (someone already volunteered to do it before I could even talk to Monty) and after getting it blocked and anchored it's ready to start gutting.

The VERY first thing we will need done is the construction of a ramp so Michael can get in and out as he wants to be as hands on as possible. I asked him to make trips to Lowes to start looking at flooring, cabinets and counter tops as I KNOW the funding will come! God has promised and I choose to stand on that promise!

I have been blessed to see and experience and feel the miracles and blessings that God pours forth in times and situations like this! I want Michael to see and experience and feel the love of Jesus pouring forth through all the volunteers who will come and be the hands, feet and heart of Jesus for him!

Won't you think about it? If you are coming for a day --- thank you!

If you are coming for a week-- we will house you and make sure you have a wonderful week of work and fellowship and life changing miracles!

Michael, hang on as God is about to open doors (literally) for you and show you things as never before!

Pastor Martie challenged us this morning to stand up and take hold of God's promises. She said we need to speak as if things already are, to not settle for lack, to expect the best! The 3 of us women today took that literally and are ready to go!

As we pulled out of Michael's driveway I saw a new Michael --- already!

Let's get on board and make this happen as quickly as possible!

Get ahold of me and let me know when you are coming to help!

Until next time . . . what an awesome God we serve!!!!! Susan and Monty

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