Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Continual preparation

The truck is now fixed and looks really good. Even though the repair shop said the color of the truck isn't really white and they did what they could to color match -- we can't tell the difference!

Now we await the check for the repairs on the trailer. The insurance company said it should be here this week so . . .

Then both will be repaired and road ready.

Our next step is to uncover the camper and check it over making sure it's also ready. It's been covered the entire winter and protected from the elements. It should be just fine as you remember that it was nearly all rebuilt for us last summer and better than new now. I still have to set up the bed but that can wait.

We keep our eyes on the weather, mostly the hurricane center's website as it's really accurate and tells us much more than our local news. Funny how different the weather coverages are along the coast.

Monty continues rebuilding mobile homes and has one nearly ready for the homeowner to move in. Should be next week. He's down to priming and painting and may need to bring in his "free labor" === me! I love to paint and he's so good at the cut in that it makes the rolling easy and since that's what I like to do. See how we make such a great pair and work so well together! :)

This morning I used some creativity and got rid of a quite nasty looking tree in our side yard. I hooked the rope around the tree and then to my truck and with some gas to the pedal it snapped off right at the ground! Monty was surprised when he came home, said the tree was too big to do that but -- hey -- I got it done!

I found some grasses that will come up each year and won't need much care so I replaced the tree with a few of those and even made a row across the side yard to block an "unsightly" neighbor's yard. The grasses were marked way down at the store so just my price. I had to use the hose to soften the ground before digging since it's so dry here. It was an all day project but it's done and looks much better.

We do have a special prayer request. Our neighbor is in the hospital. Paul is 85 years old and fell the other night. He has been diagnosed with a compression fracture in his low back and isn't doing very well. His spirits are very low, he isn't eating and must do well with therapy or face surgery. His wife is more than a bit concerned and asked that we put out a prayer request. Once again, thanks to all of you who not only hold us up in prayer but our family, friends and whoever we ask you to pray for!

Until next time . . . lets all be thankful for our health! Susan and Monty

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