Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Introducing . . . Michael

The miracles have already begun and I hope you will all stay tuned as God is moving big time and about to burst the doors of blessings wide open!

You can see Michael inside his "new" trailer. He has been working on gutting the walls, all by himself and doing quite the job! This afternoon he was joined by Ms Donna from our morning Bible study and his two nephews, Cody and Zac were on their way over to help with the ceilings and the rest of the walls. If I know these guys the whole thing is gutted and now ready for the leveling, blocking, strapping and anchoring. Hopefully that will be completed within the next couple of days by Monty's step dad. He's the professional at doing that and we are so thankful he has agreed to help out! Thanks Tony!

Bible study this morning was super fantastic and God made it very clear that He is leading the way and all we need to do is be obedient in everything He calls us to do -- no matter how small or large or confusing it might seem at the time!

I put together something like a bridal/shower registery for Michael. Lowes will be where we purchase most of our materials since they are only about 10 minutes from Michael's home. I made a generalized listing of the materials we will need and asked that people take a look and see if there was a certain area they would like to either donate or use the funds to purchase a Lowes gift card to be used for anything. Before the morning was over everyone was excited about the list and left with dreams in their hearts.

After the Bible study we gathered so I could take the group picture here. Pastor Martie's son in law will most likely be doing the plumbing since he is a master plumber. And I already told you another gentleman will be taking on the heating and air project while Monty and a few men from our church tackle the electrical. So . . . before we even get moving the three most difficult projects are taken care of! Another God-thing and no doubt the start of many more to come!

I made a quick trip to the trailer with Michael so I could take some "before" pictures.

By this evening we had a rather large donation of a Lowes card and more monetary donations that had come in throughout the day! God never ceases to amaze me with His generosity and love!

I also spoke with Mike from our Bettendorf, Iowa team and they have already presented the project to their church this past Sunday and are seeing about putting a team of volunteers together to come and do whatever they can to help! They have no idea how much that would mean to Monty and I personally as they are all family to us!

On another note, Monty's truck is out of the shop once again and sounds like this time it's running the way it should be!

He spent the day working in our neighbor, Shelley's house. She got her list of things needing done completed and so today was a good day for him to start. He'll be returning tomorrow and working until the list is complete. Like we have said -- sometimes ministry can be in your own back yard! :)

To bring the day to an end we had a rain shower come through and give the ground a good drink of water! We've been so extremely dry this summer and this was a welcome sight. Thank you Lord!

As I said, we hope you will stay tuned to this project of rebuilding Michael's new home. If you would like to donate just leave a comment here with your information or give me a call. You will be blessings one of God's very special children and in turn the blessings will be returned to you!

Also ---- please pray that hurricane Irene takes a turn and heads herself back out into the water and misses land all together!!!!!

Until next time . . . "love your neighbor as yourself" Susan and Monty

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