Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A divine appointment --- at Lowes

After ordering flowers for our neighbor's funeral and doing a bit of banking and a couple of other errands it was time to take my extensive material listing for the rebuilding of Michael's trailer and spend some time at Lowes.

I was able to take the donations we've received thus far and turn it into Lowes gift cards. It was then that I needed to gather styles, item numbers and prices.

Accomplishing all the above would take quite a bit of time so I pretty much saved the entire afternoon to do so.

I was back and forth with my list, first this side of the store and then remembering something else and walking back to the other side of the store.

After over 2 hours I was on my last stop -- looking for a handicapped shower seat that would sit inside the shower. It was then that God stepped in for one of His divine appointments.

A young gentleman came up to ask me if I needed some help. He was able to direct me to the seats and then asked me if there was anything else he could do. I shared our project with him and he then told me his specialty was working with handicapped folks since both he and his mother had handicaps! He was able to make some suggestions to me that would be of great help to Michael. One of the small ones was to mount the hand held shower nozzle on a mount low enough for him to reach it without reaching clear up to the top of the shower! Something I hadn't thought of!

We talked for a bit and he asked for my business card. He said he knew alot about resources for the handicapped and would gather some information and get back with me. And then the real surprise --- he wants to organize a volunteer group of Lowes employees to come and help rebuild!!!!

I felt so energized as I walked out into the parking lot! Yet another affirmation from God that THIS is the project we are to be focusing on! It may not be a disaster like what is described in Webster's dictionary but it's a personal disaster that God has called us to do something about.

Once again -- rebuilding lives by rebuilding homes!

Thank you Lord!!!!

Until next time . . . and the next divine appointment . . . Susan and Monty


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Sounds like another instance of "The Lord directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way?" - Pr. 20:24 (NLT). Awesome!