Monday, August 29, 2011

That early morning phone call . . .

We all know that when the phone rings very early in the morning it's usually not bringing good news.
This morning was that kind of morning.
Our neighbor, Paul, has been in the hospital and nursing home and back to the hospital over the past few weeks. This morning he went to heaven. Good news for him but tough news for Evelyn, his wife of 62 years!
Would you please join us in prayer for the entire family.
We also ask that you join us in prayers of thanksgiving that hurricane Irene was not as destructive as anticipated --- and that the rather large "disturbance" brewing off the coast of Africa will not head our direction.
Welcome to Monday --- a good day to pray!!

Until next time . . . Lord, open heaven's gates and welcome Paul with open arms!
Susan and Monty

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