Wednesday, June 01, 2011

8 Hours --- 300 Kids!

Yep, it was awesome, incredible and amazing and I had a blast!

Thanks to my dear friend, Dee Dee, I was able to speak to nearly every kid in the middle school in Nashville, Indiana about disaster relief. Each class was filled and most of them had kids sitting on the floor. I revolved between 2 social studies classes and their teachers who were most gracious and who I truly enjoyed meeting.

I had been warned about the "separation between church and state" thing a few times and although I was a bit concerned that my mind might take off on me and go where it shouldn't I think my prayers ahead of time helped. God helped me find a way to let them know and yet not say the words -- in so many words -- if you know what I mean.

It was great to share with the kids, to see God touching their hearts when we discussed the emotions that go into disaster relief. I was able to share so many stories, so many laughs and quite a few tears. We talked about relationships that are built - and last for a life time, the joy of helping others - with no ulterior motive, the idea of what it might feel like to lose it all and the things in life that really count. You name it and we covered it.

Each class was about 50 minutes and each teacher gave me the full 50 minutes. We left time for questions and each class had them ready to ask.

The final class was probably the most touching -- to me anyway. When the kids came into the room there were 3 girls sitting in the back of the room and somehow I sensed they weren't really interested in anything I had to say. Whenever I speak to groups I keep my eyes out on those to whom I am speaking to, watching faces and body language. I kept my eyes on those girls and watched God change everything about them. First it was their body language, then their faces and finally their hearts. By the end they were craning their necks to see every move I made, smiling from ear to ear and I think I even saw a couple of tears. They "got it" and God changed them! And I didn't even mention "His" name! Miraculous and wonderful and I am so humbled that He was able to use me, plain old me, to reach these girls!

It was a fantastic day! A day where I was talking for 8 straight hours and although for all of those who really !!! know me --- this will be quite the surprise --- my throat hurts!!!!!! Yea -- yea -- ha -- ha --- it's true!

But I would do it again tomorrow -- in a heart beat!

Reach the kids and reach the parents --- and change the lives --- and let them change the world!!!!!!! Priceless!!!!

Until next time . . . thanks Dee Dee! MUCH thanks!!!!! Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

What an opportunity! You are the perfect person for such an assignment. I prayed for you throughout the day, as I didn't know exactly when you would be speaking. Now I get were speaking ALL DAY! Good job!