Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting ready for graduation

Without even realizing it I found myself very sad at our last missions training class on Tuesday night! Mary had brought 2 friends as guests and a couple of our students were on vacation but it was an amazing class entitled "Going in Jesus' Name" and was a perfect ending. It was still tough for me to fight back the tears as it's been so much fun doing this class and now we focus on graduation!

Next Saturday, July 2nd we will be having graduation at our house with an old fashioned cookout -- family style. Hopefully each student will have family coming along with them and Randy and Charlotte, the directors of the headquarters in Mobile, Alabama will also be here. So my next week is all geared toward the preparation for that. We want it to be a big celebration of their accomplishments! I have most of the decorations and the entertainment is all lined up so now comes the food itself. And of course, some pretty hefty house cleaning!!! :)

The rest of this past week had Monty replacing the alternador in his truck, along with some other parts I have no idea about. I think we've replaced more of the engine than not! Thank the Lord he can do the work himself!

We both took of rather quickly yesterday when the owner of the mobile home park where Monty works part time called saying one of the homes was on fire! We flew out of here and found the fire fighters already had it out --- the elderly woman admitted she lays in bed and smokes so go figure what happened!!!!!! The bedroom and bath are completely gone and now it has to be pulled out of the park and destroyed. Red Cross was taking care of her! What a mess and how easy it would've been to have avoided the whole thing!

I was able to take my grandkids to Wendy's and Dairy Queen on Wednesday and it was so fun! We had such a good time laughing and my 3 year old granddaughter, Liv, thinks Grandma's big red truck is such a "sweet ride" and gets such a kick out of riding in it. Which is even funnier because their dad drives a truck also -- but there's something about Grandma's!

And my grandson has his last baseball game tomorrow afternoon. I went to the one last night and this is a rain make up so hopefully the weather will cooperate and the season can be over till fall. He's had such fun and has learned so much!

I have also been staying in touch with the long term recovery and Pastor Chad in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area. He has been named the chairman of the long term recovery and is quite busy but definitely the man for the job. They are still in the clean up stages and yet are making plans to move forward when the time comes. So far so good. Please remember to keep that entire area in your prayers.

So now we are beginning the weekend and pray all of you are safe and blessed. We continue the search for the missing IU student, Lauren Spierer. No leads, nothing -- and her parents are staying strong but need your continued prayers --- big time!

Until next time . . . take a minute and thank God for all your blessings! Susan and Monty
One last note --- Pastor Dave's new grandson is doing great! Even though he was 6 weeks early he is perfect and I loved being able to hold him this afternoon! Warmed my heart through and through!

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