Friday, June 03, 2011

Kick Off starts tomorrow

It starts tomorrow! I'm going to give you a glance at what the next week holds for us so you will understand when I don't get blog updates out to you as often as usual.

Tomorrow morning I head to pick up the trailer we are borrowing. I had to purchase a really "beefy" hitch since those loaning it to us have to use theirs. If they cannot mount this new hitch for me I have a back up plan for someone else to get it hooked to the trailer and my truck.

From there I am headed back home since I have to get atleast 4 lawns mowed that will not be able to make it 2 weeks between mowing. Thankfully our weather forecast only calls for a 30% chance of showers, even if the high is to be 92!!!!

Monty will be working on the mobile home about 40 minutes from here and hopefully will be able to pronounce it "done" by the end of the day, whenever that end is for done!

Sunday he will head to church (and pray for me not being there) while I head to Kroger South with the trailer. I will be there until atleast 6pm collecting donations.

Monday I will return back to that same location doing the same thing. That evening I am scheduled to be at the local Moose Lodge to personally thank them for donating to our last trip.

Tuesday I am going to Richland Plaza in Ellettsville (about 10 minutes from here) to do the same thing. Last time that was a great place to be so let's pray it's the same this time.

I have to leave there Tuesday in time to be home, showered and ready to teach our missions training class at our house since that will be Vacation Bible School week at our church where we usually meet. It starts at 6:30 and lasts till 9:30.

Wednesday I will be parked at our church. Flyers are going home with the kids on Monday and hopefully they will come bearing plenty of things on Wednesday. It's such a fantastic opportunity to teach kids about helping others in their time of need. I plan on letting each child take his or her donation into the trailer themselves and place it in the proper boxes. That will have me at church till around 9:30pm.

Thursday morning we are off and headed south -- very early! It is our plan to meet up with Charles and Mia who are attending IGO's school of missions in Mobile and expressed an interest in disaster relief so James had them call me and we are both gathering donations and will meet at a yet to be determined location in Tuscaloosa. It will be very exciting to meet them. They have expressed an interest in going wherever we go next!

Friday we are meeting with a group of people in the area of Woodstock (between Tuscaloosa and Birmingham) who are trying to start a long term recovery committee. They asked if we could stop there and give them some pointers. Of course, we are thrilled to share some of what God has taught us over the years.

Saturday we will be arriving back home, after dropping off the borrowed trailer. It's our granddaughter's 3rd birthday and I don't know if we're going to make it back for her party or not! I pray she understands!!!!! In doing what we do it seems sometimes we miss out on alot of family things!

Now --- what this "brief" description of next week does NOT include is ---

Monty will be working all day tomorrow, has a job already lined up for Sunday afternoon since he has no other time to get to this elderly lady in need of a roof repair, working all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the mobile home park --- and somewhere in there he needs to change the wheel bearings in the front wheel of his truck, get an estimate for our insurance company on both the truck and the trailer (2 different locations), clean out his truck to prepare for the trip and come home atleast once each day I'm with the trailer and let the dogs out!

Busy???? What on earth gave you that idea!!!!!

Blessed??? Beyond belief!!!!

Until next time . . . thanks for the support, the prayers but most of all -- for the love!!!!!

Susan and Monty

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