Thursday, June 09, 2011

In Alabama

I tried to get you an update yesterday but once again blogger had a burp and the whole thing "went away" so let's try again . . .

First of all I want to congratulate my youngest daughter on finding the perfect wedding dress! That's always such a special memory and I can't wait to see how beautiful she looks in it, although she would look beautiful in anything!!!!

Now, for the update . . .

What a week it's been! I'm not sure where to begin. Seems there must be something here in Alabama that satan doesn't want us to see or experience or anything as he's been working overtime and in areas we would least expect!

All week Monty was dealing with major sewer problems at the mobile home park and when he had just stepped out of the shower and sat down for our missions training school class on Tuesday night he got the phone call that the system had "blown" -- literally!!! So once again he was out working till after 10:30 pm. Yesterday he called in the troops and it is all repaired and rebuilt and working super!

I sat and loaded the 18 ft trailer for 4 days and when we pulled out this morning it was packed full . . . so much so that I off loaded some of the boxes into our church storage barn for the team going to help next weekend. Rob can have the bed of his truck full and anyone else driving can do the same. We can keep the blessings going.

Monday I had a gentleman come to me and tell me about how their church had collected and filled their 10 ft trailer with emergency supplies to take into Joplin. When they called Joplin to tell them they were headed that way they were told NOT to come as they have more supplies than they know what to do with! So he didn't know what he was going to do with all the supplies. I told him we would be more than glad to take them so he brought the trailer to the Kroger parking lot where I was and for the next 4 1/2 hours I organized and packed our trailer with their supplies! How awesome and what a double blessing for all those who donated!

It was a tough week for collecting though --- a couple of reasons. The heat has been nearly 20 degrees above the average normal and that kept many inside in the air conditioning. Those that braved the heat were busy volunteering their time looking for the missing Indiana University student. You probably heard about her in the news, Lauren, and as of today she still has not been found. The volunteers are out by the hundreds and that is exactly where and what they should be doing! Please keep this family in your prayers -- I cannot imagine their pain!

So this morning we headed south and arrived this evening. Our friend, Dee Dee, followed us with her car also loaded with supplies. Tomorrow morning we all will head out early to meet with Pastor Chad at his church. From there we will be taking our supplies to the Holt Relief center where we will unload our supplies and check out the center. You can look it up on facebook or google search it by name and see more about it. It was started by one woman who wanted to "do something to help" and I guess it's quite the place! I am so excited to see it and meet her and thank her for doing what God obviously called her to do! We will also be meeting Charles and Mia who are recent IGO graduates with an interest in disaster relief. We have spoken many times on the phone and they also have a load of supplies from the Mobile area. It will be great to meet them in person and thank them for their hearts of service.

Once we are finished at the center Pastor Chad will be taking us on a tour of Tuscaloosa. This will be the first time Dee Dee has seen any of the results of the tornadoes and the first time we have been able to go into the heart of Tuscaloosa. We will also be able to gather information as to whether we will be doing another of these trips.

After the tour we will be meeting with Pastor Chad about the work here and about the workings of the long term recovery committee that will be put together very soon. God has given us many lessons in this area and it's an honor to be able to share it with those needing it.

After all of that we will be heading back north and towards home. We received a phone call from Gene at Orphan Grain Train in Columbus today (he's who we borrow the trailer from) saying he needs the trailer back in Columbus by 1:00pm Saturday. So we will get as far as we can and make sure we have it back and parked at the church awaiting its arrival.

Please keep us in your prayers for tomorrow. I believe God has divine appointments for us and I pray we are there with our eyes, ears and hearts open to do what it is He has for us to do.

Until next time . . . blessings and peace, His supernatural peace, to all. Susan and Monty

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