Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day

This picture was taken this past January at the celebration of my Daddy's 80th birthday. Tomorrow is Father's Day -- a day important enough to be documented on our calendars year in and year out. How will you be spending Father's Day?

My heart is breaking for one special father this year -- the father of the missing IU student, Lauren Spierer. Yesterday I spent the entire day with the local police department, state police department, local fire fighters, National Guard and others searching for Lauren. Our group walked who knows how many miles! Our first search took us through wooded areas and abandoned buildings and more woods. We found nothing!

Our next search took us even more miles on foot, this time up and down county roads and through even more wooded areas. Nothing!

There are people searching day after day after day and into the night time hours --- all of us searching for SOMETHING --- ANYTHING --- to bring answers, to bring closure, to bring peace for this family.

Yesterday I had the honor of meeting her parents and older sister and marveled at their composure, their grace, their strength and their love for not only each other but for everyone taking just a bit of their time to help this family. It was such a powerful lesson for me and one that will take me back to searching again on Monday.

Yes, the temperatures were really hot and the woods was wet and thick and we were literally covered with ticks of all kinds and smiled as we found them on each other and did our best to remove them. But it didn't matter because somewhere out there is a young daughter in trouble and just like Monty and I have "preached" to thousands and thousands of volunteers over the past 6 years ---- EVERYONE CAN DO SOMETHING!!!!

Take a minute (preferably alot longer) and let your daddy know just how much he means to you. And yes --- daddys are human and not perfect and make mistakes and have regrets and wish they could or could've done things differently ---- BUT ---- there isn't a one of them out there that doesn't deserve a phone call or a card or even better --- a hug and a thank you. Each and every one is doing or has done the best they knew how at the time --- for for that alone they need to know you care enough to say so --- atleast once a year!

Time is short, life is shorter and none of us know what tomorrow might bring so don't waste the day and live with regrets!

Our family will be getting together at my brother and sister in law's house on a small lake near their home and we will be laughing together and enjoying the very special Daddy that God gave to all of us! He may be 80 and according to society a "senior citizen" but to my brothers and I he is and always be our Daddy!!!!!! Love you Daddy and can't wait to see you and Mom tomorrow --- after all --- you couldn't have been our Daddy without Mom! :)

Until next time . . . Happy Father's Day to you all! Susan and Monty

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