Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Last One

Yes, after 6 months of intense classes, homework and a research paper tonight is the last and final class of our missions training! It hardly seems possible and I will truly miss our little "family" that has gathered every Tuesday night since January. But, contrary to popular opinion -- they made it -- they got all their homework completed -- and they even did a fantastic job on their research papers!

Graduation will be on July 2nd and the IGO director and his wife will make the trip up here for it. We are excited, we are thrilled and we are thankful that God worked through us plain ordinary people to bring His word on missions to this class!

Today is also another milestone -- my niece turns 30! She's in Florida and if she were here we would be having quite the family get together! Happy Birthday Katy! 30 is fantastic!

And -- last evening our Pastor Dave became a Grandpa again --- even if it was 6 weeks ahead of schedule. Little AJ had a plan all his own and he entered this world at nearly 6 pounds and is doing great. Congrats to the whole family!

The search continues for the IU student, Lauren Spierer. With no leads the volunteers are becoming less and less and all the more reason for more and more prayers. Pray for the hidden to be discovered and for strength and hope for all involved.

Until next time . . . congrats to the IGO class of 2011 --- what an awesome God we all serve!
Susan and Monty

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