Tuesday, May 31, 2011


As per Cheryl's request ---- can you find the "extra child" ????? Priceless and what a way to end our evening -- filled with even more joy!!!! We love you all!!!

My Promise Calendar verse for today is; "Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear" from Isaiah 65:24 and I had no idea just how appropriate it would be! God works like that with me and probably has with you too.

Monty left for work a few seconds before I headed off to my Bible Study. I hadn't even gotten out of the subdivision when he called and said I needed to stop at the gas station at the end of our street -- he'd had an accident!

Sure enough -- a double! He had our 12 ft tool trailer behind him and when he stopped for a cup of coffee and put the truck into park and left it running (it's better for a diesel to stay running) it somehow slipped out of park and into reverse -- backing into the trailer and jack knifing in the process so the back side of the truck crashed into the front of the trailer! What a mess! What a double mess! Thankfully no one else was parked near him as that place is usually packed each morning with folks getting their coffee.

Both are drivable but both are damaged quite a bit. The trailer appears to be the worst. So the phone call to the insurance company followed and of course both deductibles will apply! Double ouch! They said an adjuster will call us but not to be worried if it's a few days because of the tornado damage here and they are all over worked!

Now that's not the way a person wants to begin their day -- or end their day for that matter! But such is life and such is the definition of an accident. They happen whether we like it or not. He headed off to work and I to Bible study and life continues . . .

After Bible study I was blessed to be able to stop by our local AmVets and pick up an entire pick up truck bed of donated water. AmVets has been feeding all those tree clearing and electricians working in the area since the tornado and he had a big bunch of water left and donated it to us to take on our next trip to Alabama next week. There was so much that I need to go back on Thursday and get the rest! A BIG thanks to AmVets and to all those who donated!!!!!

Tonight is our missions training class and I really should have had them have an "object lesson" with unloading the water but . . . my compassion got the best of me since it's about 95 degrees outside! I took it on to church and with the help of Pastor Dave we got it all unloaded in the barn until we get the trailer there next week. He got his workout for the day -- and then some!

Tomorrow I have the pleasure and honor of speaking to the entire middle school in Nashville, Indiana. Our friend, Dee Dee, is a teacher there and she thought this would be a great idea for the end of the school year. The principle previewed our video from the NBC Nightly News back in 2009 and will be showing it to the entire school today to preview my coming to talk to all of them. The big warning ---- separation of church and state!!!!!!!! So please cover me with prayer for God to give me the right words and at the same time glorify Him!!!

And as I said, we will pick up the trailer this Saturday and be loading it with supplies this coming Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before leaving for Tuscaloosa, Alabama on that Thursday.

A busy time, a time where satan loves to stick his ugly nose into things, a time where we stand on the faithful promises of God telling us that before we even utter a sound He knows our needs and will take care of everything!!! Praises!!! Praises!!! Praises!!!

Until next time . . . what an awesome God we serve! Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

Praying that though you must be cautious with your words, that the Holy Spirit would speak through you and the love of Christ will shine from your heart. May God be glorified!