Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

I promised you some photos of the results of the tornado that went through here last Wednesday evening. These are just the trees, the homes that were hit are a bit west of town and I haven't been able to get photos because it's on a major road and no place to park and take pictures. Things are beginning to be cleaned up and although it will take some time we are all thankful it's not any worse than it is.

The top photo is Terry and Cheryl and 9 of their 10 kids. You may remember our visit to their home a few weeks ago and this time it was their turn to come here for dinner and an evening filled with so much laughter that my sides were hurting by the time they headed home! We had so much fun, what an amazing family! I even managed to get all of us around the same table for dinner! Needless to say we didn't have any leftovers and Monty jokingly told them that leftovers weren't allowed! We kidded them saying all they do is eat and they said when people watch them get groceries everyone is in amazement because of what they "don't" buy since they make everything from scratch!

Monty pulled out his guitars and that's all it took for them to start singing! Their harmony is amazing and it's the best entertainment anyone could ask for! They start with about 4 of the girls and depending on the song as to how many of the other kids join in! Little Destiny wasn't acutally at part of the group but was singing just the same as she sat on the other side of the room!

I thought taking the family photo would be a really difficult thing to do -- not so! They knew just how to line up as they said they do it all the time!

Both Monty and I said we have to have them back over VERY soon as we couldn't remember having that much fun -- since atleast the time we went to their house! What a blessing they are in our lives --- priceless and a perfect example of how God brings people into our lives!!

We hope all of you got to share some of this holiday weekend with family and/or friends that you love!

Let us remember to thank our veterans for the freedom that they fought for and are still fighting for!

Until next time . . . blessings and love to all. Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

You should've posted the picture with our "extra child"- Monty's head! (*snicker)

For weeks Emily had been hearing about you and Monty and the children would end with "You're gonna LOVE Susan and Monty!" To which she began to reply, "I KNOW; that's what everybody keeps saying." As soon as we got in the van Saturday night, Emily said, "Okay guys, I must admit; I LOVE MONTY AND SUSAN!" How cool that the Lord brought our two families together! You guys are such a blessing to us and we look forward to making more memories with you.