Friday, May 20, 2011

Divine Connections

Many times I have been in awe as I looked back at a certain situation -- seeing how God had it all orchestrated -- all in His perfect timing and His perfect way. One would think that after realizing that a few times that one would remember and realize and not be so surprised --- but this "one" is still in awe each time!

Monty and I have been working on making another trip to Alabama with emergency relief supplies. We are getting the word out that we need a box truck for our ministry. We are talking with people, emailing, facebooking and anyway and every way we can think of.

We have the week set -- we will be gathering more supplies the first of the week of June 6th. I even have the locations thought out and am in the process of getting the approval. We plan on leaving to drive south on Thursday, June 9th.

The location? That has been one of our top questions. The warehouse was a great place last trip and this time we thought we would like to go into another area and possibly hand out the supplies ourselves, directly to the survivors.

Last night my phone rang and it was a couple who are attending International Gospel Outreach's missions training school at the Mobile, Alabama headquarters. They are interested in disaster relief! They have already been in the Tuscaloosa area to check things out and made some connections there. They want to gather supplies on their end and meet up with us to do the same thing -- get the help to the people.

It was a wonderful conversation and such a blessing for me! Sometimes (alot of times) we feel rather alone in this mission. Unless you have experienced disaster relief it's difficult to have an understanding of what God has called us to do and what all is involved with it. Talking with Pastors Charles and Mia was an incredible "boost" as I could hear the excitement in their voices and feel the love of God in their hearts!

So . . . over the next couple of weeks we will be doing alot of talking, alot of connecting, alot of planning and with God's help we will be able to meet face to face on June 9th and all of us show the love of Jesus in a very practical way -- with emergency supplies of food, cleaning supplies, hygiene supplies, laundry supplies, baby diapers and wipes --- and most of all --- love from the state of Indiana all the way to Alabama!

Lord, thank you for the divine connnections. And Pastors Charles and Mia -- thank you for your obedience in listening to the Lord and answering with "send me, send me!"

Until next time . . . look for those divine connections in your own life! Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

Awesome! The Lord is really in this!

I'll update the flyers and letter and begin connecting again with retailers (should be easier with the gap in time).