Saturday, May 07, 2011

Getting ready to roll . . .

Yes, it's official and been long in the making. We are International Gospel Outreach Disaster Relief and getting ready to roll south.

As you know, we graduated from IGO back in 2007 with our missions license and ordination into the ministry. Since then we have worked under many different disaster relief organizations; Convoy of Hope, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Methodist . . .

And now it has come together and the details are completed and when we roll into the Cordova, Alabama area on Thursday afternoon these are the magnets on our truck! We are thrilled at this new venture and can already feel God's annointing!

We have most everything in place for this trip. The trailer, I will pick it up from the Orphan Grain Train in Columbus on Monday morning, park it at our church (Vineyard Community Church) for Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday. Wednesday morning we will move it to the next local city, Ellettsville, where it will park in the Richland Plaza parking lot until full -- or 6pm, whichever comes first!

It's been amazing to me to see how many local friends and family have "jumped on board" with trying to get donations! Some are looking for boxes, some are traveling to different businesses to see about donations of all kinds, others are emailing their friends and families, others are making announcements at their churches tomorrow morning, it was announced at the National Day of Prayer gathering this past Thursday, and even the folks playing Bingo are aware (thanks to Monty's incredible mother!) it's been in the newspaper and I have been on the local Christian radio station! Just awesome!

It's going to be a busy week because in the middle of gathering we will also be teaching our missions training class on Tuesday night and on Wednesday night we will be in Bedford holding our first general information meeting about our July trip to Ecuador! Exciting all the way around!

For those of you who are helping us gather -- our deepest gratitude and thanks! You are the hands and feet of Jesus and the needs are so very great and you are making a difference in so many lives -- of ones we haven't even met and may never meet! But God knows each one and He sees your heart and you will be blessed!

For those of you who are holding us up in prayer -- please don't stop! We need each and every one!

And tomorrow is Mother's Day! Wow! Already? Let's all take time to let our mothers know just how much we love them, honor them and respect them --- after all --- without them we would not be here! :) Too bad there's just one day on the calendar reserved for them -- they deserve so much more!

To my mom -- YOU are the heart of everything I do!!!!! I'll talk to you tomorrow and see you Monday morning!

Until next time . . . . prayers and praises and thanksgiving!! Susan and Monty

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