Monday, May 09, 2011

Alabama supplies . . . day 1

Yes, I took some pictures and the camera is still in the truck and I am too exhausted to go and get it tonight. Hold tight -- I will get some on here!

The morning started with a bang as I loaded up and headed to Columbus to pick up the trailer loaned to us from Orphan Grain Train. When we got there they were just getting started unloading it from the weekend hauling so we jumped in and in about an hour we had it cleared out, hooked up to my truck and ready to roll.

I pulled in around 12:30 pm and thought I had plenty of time to get things ready inside since we advertised donation time to begin at 2pm --- but --- another truck from another church with another trailer pulled in right behind me and unloaded ---really unloaded ---- lots and lots of blessings! Awesome! So we were dropping supplies on the pavement and getting the trailer organized and loading it all at the same time!

All during the day it was great to see friends and family come and donate and talk and share their hearts for the people in Alabama. My youngest daughter even stopped by which meant the world to me! Thanks, Lindsay!

By the time evening rolled around I had closed the trailer and headed home. I had a few things to work on inside the trailer before closing it for the night --- and then our neighbor, Shelley pulled up with an amazing load of donations from Walmart! WOW! We are going to pack this trailer full! Thanks for all your hard work Shelley! You're the best!

And now it should be time to go to bed and although my body feels like it my mind isn't quite ready yet. Tomorrow is the 2nd day and the longest and hopefully we continue packing every square inch of that trailer and even overflowing into the bed of my truck! Please continue to hold us up in prayer and all those in the south who so desperately need these supplies.

Until next time . . . our deepest thanks to all of you who have already donated! God's blessings will come right back to you! Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

Glad all is going well thus far! We have been praying that the Lord will bless all the efforts and give you good driving weather.