Monday, May 16, 2011

More Alabama pictures

The children in the above photo came to donate last week. Their mother had already talked to them about disasters and the needs and each child had a big smile on their face as they approached the trailer with their gifts. They enjoyed climbing in the back of the trailer to see all the things. What a great mother -- teaching these children at such a young age!

We have shown our pictures and answered questions all throughout the weekend. I was a bit sad when the CD of photos I made wasn't compatible with the player at church but there's always next week and Chad has the CD and is a wizard at that sort of things so . . . God's timing, not mine.

In conversation with James, the President of IGO, he said the video is completed and coming in the mail to us asap. I am very excited to see it as he was able to capture so much of the disaster and even has Ms Tommie's conversation on it. We hope to be able to use it to speak at churches and to thank those who donated goods.

The number one question? --- when are we going back! We are still desperately trying to locate a box truck to use instead of borrowing the trailer and if it all comes together we may be looking at returning with another load the first week of June. Please keep this in your prayers as this box truck is a key piece of the entire puzzle!

I admit I am still having dreams about our trip into Alabama and expect they might go on for a time yet. It was so emotional and so moving and so shocking that it's to be expected. It's a bit difficult to step back into "life" as usual -- always is for me!

But with my grandson's 6th birthday in 2 days I have to step back into life. He made sure I didn't forget it when I took him to school this morning! :) Priceless! And this evening he has another baseball game so off I go.

For all of you, please continue to pray for all the folks in the south. Prayers are the most powerful weapon we have and we just don't use that mighty weapon enough!

Blessings and thanks . . . until next time . . . Susan and Monty

PS I have to put in a very special thank you to the Bingo folks who not only collected funds for us to make this last trip but continue collecting! What an awesome group of people and I can't wait to go and personally thank them for their hearts of generosity and love!!!!

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