Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Many Thanks

Mary and I in front of Monty's truck as it's being unloaded at the warehouse in Cullman, AL.

Bible Study this morning continues with studying the book of Proverbs. We are only in chapter 2 and only got to verse 6 but if you haven't read that book I suggest you do so. There's just so much information packed in there! I wish I was like a sponge and could soak up all that goes into my mind -- or atleast have it "stick".

This afternoon I made a couple of stops to thank those folks who helped support our trip to Alabama and to let them know we are in the process of planning another one in a couple of weeks. The group at Bible study this morning were shocked as they looked at all the pictures and we have to keep the emergency supplies going!

Our "wish list" for now is a box truck! A good one, one that runs well enough to run all over this United States of America! Borrowing a trailer isn't the best means to do what God has called us to do so we put the word out and turn it over to God's provision and timing! If you have any leads or thoughts please leave a comment here and let us know.

I also need to put out an ENORMOUS thank you to the local AmVets, Moose Lodge and American Legion for their support in our disaster relief! Those folks playing bingo dug deep and were more than a blessing to us! I can't wait to make a visit to each one and personally thank them and show them the pictures we took!

This evening is our missions training class and we already have a prayer request. It seems one of our students, Del, is quite ill and so we need to cover him in prayers of healing and restoration! Tonight's class will focus on conflict management and will no doubt be helpful to each one of us! I don't know about you but conflict seems to be ever present in my little world!

And tomorrow is my grandson's 6th birthday! No doubt he's letting everyone know -- repeatedly -- and giving them plenty of ideas for gifts! The innocence of children! No wonder Jesus had a special place in his heart for them!

Until next time . . . may the joy of the Lord surround you and yours! Susan and Monty

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