Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A quick trip to Alabama

Yes, it's official -- we are indeed making a quick trip to Alabama next week!

Thanks to the donation of an 18 ft enclosed trailer from the Orphan Grain Train in Columbus, Indiana we will be collecting donations of emergency relief supplies next week and immediately taking them into one of the hardest hit areas of Alabama.

I have been talking with one of the Pastors in the area and he is more than excited about our trip. He is also the State Director for Disaster Relief for the Assemblies of God churches in Alabama --and he's never had experience in a disaster! He and I spent quite a bit of time on the phone the other day and I am very anxious to meet him! An amazing man of God -- a true servant!

I have also been in contact with the son of one of our own church family and he is doing "okay" and helping serve meals for the Salvation Army. When we last spoke they had used all their food supplies and were down to serving peanut butter sandwiches!

The needs are so great -- beyond what anyone here can imagine -- and we hope to fill this trailer to its capacity -- and then some! It's what God has called us to do -- for now.

If you are in the Bloomington or Ellettsville areas next week here's where we will be:
On Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday we will be at our home church, Vineyard Community Church located at 2375 S. Walnut St.
All day Wednesday we will be at the Richland Plaza shopping center in Ellettsville.
From there we will head south and return the next day.
I plan on having some pictures to use here when we return and ask that everyone keep us in your prayers. Pray for safe travel -- pray for hearts to be moved to donate beyond our wildest dreams -- and that with each donation the love of God and His Peace and Love will encompass the receiver of the donation!

Also --- here are the donations we are accepting -- at the direct request of the AL Pastor ---
hygiene supplies
cleaning supplies
laundry supplies
disposable baby diapers
baby wipes
non-perishable food items

We are also looking for donations to help defray the cost of fuel down and back.

If you are able to help in ANY way please leave a comment here and I will respond if needed.

We thank you for your generosity and pray you receive return blessings a hundred fold!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

PS. We now have the building plans for the church in Ecuador!!!!! Awesome!!!!!

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Treasures from a Shoebox said...

We are taking this list of needs to Columbus today and plan to hit CVS, Walgreens, and all the major grocery stores for donations. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of helping the victims in Alabama! I'll let you know how it goes.