Friday, December 17, 2010

White on white

Me shoveling the remainder of the snow away from the trucks and our best friend -- the man who plows our streets open!
Yep -- once again we were recovered in white- on top of the white we already had! But shoveling yesterday morning was a bit more difficult as this snow had a thin layer of ice on top making it much heavier and more difficult to work with. But never fear -- I donned my full suit coveralls, less than lovely had, heaviest gloves possible and trusty boots and within a couple of hours had us all dug out. I have a good time doing this for many reasons but one is getting to visit with my neighbor across the street, Evie. We both have husbands who have had heart attacks and are the ones doing the shoveling --- and we both love it! Really! We were laughing yesterday and saying how beautiful it is, even if it is alot of work!
After getting everything cleared off it was time to head into town. I have a really good friend, Rhonda, who is a single mother. Her son is 7 years old and she has dedicated her life to caring for him the best way possible. We had already scheduled a shopping day yesterday. She has no transportation (takes the city bus everywhere) and had the day off work. But the snow caused schools to be closed so she got a neighbor to watch him for a few hours. We headed into town and she was able to get his Christmas gifts. As we were shopping I wondered -- what does SHE have under the tree for her? She has no living relatives -- can we imagine that? Her friends are limited as she wants to protect her son from people coming and then leaving his life. Can't say as I blame her. But we had a fun day shopping and then ran back to pick him up and bring him with me for another hour so she could donate plasma. She does that twice a week to help make ends come closer to meeting! It was a good day and a day where once again I counted my blessings!
Today Monty is once again working on vehicles -- his this time. Seems there is something wrong where it won't warm up-- not just the thermostat. I am no mechanic so I won't go there but he'll once again be under the truck in sub-freezing temps!
Later today I am headed to church to pick up gifts that need delivered to children who have parents incarcerated. Have you heard of Angel Tree? Our church is big time involved and had a great party for all the kids on Wednesday night but quite a few families couldn't make it because of the weather so Monty and I volunteered to deliver gifts to those who missed out. It's an amazing organization and once again should make us all count our blessings. More forgotten children!
I pray you are reaching out to do something special for someone else this season. There are SO many places you can help! And then I challenge you to keep it up after the season is officially over. The season might be over but the hardships, the challenges, the difficulties, the pain isn't for so many! Give it some thought -- stretch yourself and feel the blessings come back to you a hundred fold!!!!! I promise that will happen --- but most of all --- God promises that!!!!! Trust in His promises!!!! You'll never be sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Until next time . . . "love your neighbor as yourself" Susan and Monty

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