Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Getting closer . . .

Somewhere behind that pile of snow is a sunshine pottery piece. I'm beginning to think it won't be seen until spring! With plenty of snow already on the ground and another storm coming in Christmas Eve we are assured a white Christmas!!
Yesterday was my day to babysit my friend, Rhonda's son. With school out for the holidays she is unable to work unless she finds someone to care for him. I took him yesterday and we headed to my parents house. My brother, Mark had some much needed bird seed for me and I needed to pick up some mail. The weather was a bit iffy in the beginning but the roads were cleared and off we went. I don't think he had ever ridden anywhere that took an hour to get there and "are we there yet" was asked more times than I can count. We finally did get there and he had so much fun playing with their dog, Humphrey. After lunch we headed outside where he spent nearly 2 hours playing in the snow and building a snowman as tall as he is. Living in an apartment doesn't give him much space to play outside and he took full advantage of it yesterday. He was soaking wet and by the time we headed back -- quite hungry. A quick stop at Wendys drive through and not only was he satisfied, the trip back seemed alot shorter since he could eat the entire way! We picked up Rhonda from work and by the time they were home I doubted he would stay awake long enough for her to fix dinner! It was a great day! Tomorrow night they are both coming to our house for an early Christmas dinner.
Today brought the end to shopping and gave me some time to do some baking. I could stay in the kitchen baking all day long -- if I can give it away! I'll be taking some of the baked items to my parents house on Christmas day and my daughters the following day.
I still feel as though I need to pinch myself -- being home with family, friends and neighbors for the holidays is such a blessing! We do hear from folks in Texas and will miss seeing so many of them. Yes, Hank and Cherie and Blake -- you are our Texas family and we miss you more than you know!
We pray all of you are ready for whatever the Lord has for you this holiday! Remember -- dont' get too busy and miss what He has especially for YOU!
Until next time . . . love to all. Susan and Monty

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