Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Energizing ourselves . . .

I don't have Christmas pics on this entry -- they are on the other computer and I promise I'll get them to you as soon as possible.

Christmas was super great We spent the day with my family in Columbus and the following with all my kids and kids in law and grandkids -- first time in many, many years and long overdue! Watching those grandkids open their gifts, hearing Luke literally screech that "it was on my list, it was on my list" was priceless. Seeing Liv lay on her handmade blanket that I spent so much time and love on -- more than priceless!

All in all - perfect and so many reminders of how thankful we are to be able to be home and share it all with family! I'm so glad we celebrate Jesus's birthday! What an amazing and priceless gift He gave us then and continues to give us each day!

Today was my weekly Bible study. I really missed it over the past 2 weeks. With so many things going on it just couldn't happen but today made up for those lost weeks. Pastor Martie had a message that really hit home for me in so many ways. She talked of staying connected with God, how important that is in order for us to be victorious in the daily battles of being human. Each time I go I realize just why God told me to be there each week. Yes, He literally spoke to me as we were driving home from Texas with that directive. Boy oh boy, am I glad He did! Since their trip to Equador they have experienced so many of the same things we have experienced and having that understanding in common means more than I knew. Sometimes here at home I feel like an outsider, like no one truly understands this calling God has placed on my life and no one truly understands the trials and sacrifices and blessings that come from it. Having not one, but two women who "have been there" and "get it" means the world to me!

In just a couple of weeks the Pastors that they met and ministered to in Equador are coming here to the states. They will be attending a conference in Texas first and then coming here, to cold and frozen Indiana. We may not attend this church on Sundays but we are a part of this church and this mission and I am more than excited to see what God has in store for all of us! It must be big because all of us are being "challenged" in many ways and those "challenges" always come before amazing movements of God! I get excited just thinking about it!!

Be sure and stay tuned!

Until next time . . . stay connected to God, stay strong and be blessed. Susan and Monty

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