Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter Wonderland Part 3 on its way

It didn't take long for the morning sunshine to be covered by the incoming snow clouds. Snow clouds look alot different than rain clouds, I had almost forgotten! Almost!
With our third winter storm looming and the warnings posted all over the radio and television it looks like this one could bring 5 to 8 inches on top of what we already have! Stay tuned for photos. I know the folks in the south have enjoyed seeing them -- be thankful you aren't experiencing the single digit temps that come along with it all!
Monty is a bit under the weather today, nothing he can put his finger on -- just a case of the "yucks" I think. He had his flu shot so hopefully the stuff that's going around and hitting the young kids will skip over him.
Yesterdays meeting with one of the local Pastors went really well. He was already familiar with the missions class educational material and was excited to know we were starting this class. He is the missions director for this church of around 3,000 members and also had alot of input for us. We are excited to see the results and know that God already has all the people chosen who are supposed to attend -- we can't wait to see who they are!
Yesterday I also awoke to a message saying my weekly Bible study was cancelled. The holidays are a very busy time and they decided to take a break this week and next week. I understand but so look forward to that study and always come home so filled up -- unlike anything I have ever experienced so I will miss it -- alot! Pastor Martie --- you just don't realize . . . thank you for being obedient to God's calling on your life!!!!
And now I head off to babysit my grandchildren for a few hours to give their parents a chance to attend a work Christmas party. The snow will begin anytime now . . . pray for everyone who will be out traveling.
Until next time . . . white Christmas?????? Susan and Monty

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