Monday, December 13, 2010

Be someones "snow angel"

We had to dig out coats that have been stored away for a few years!!! These were taken yesterday -- another winter wonderland -- the whole day!!
The snow started falling even before we left for church. Our neighbor, Shelley, and us piled into the truck and off we went. I think the trucks are wondering what in the world has happened to them since neither of them had ever been off the coast until we brought them here! No problem, through the snow we went.
Pastor Dave and Lisa were both home sick in bed with the flu. In the nearly 13 years Monty and I have been going to Vineyard I can't ever remember Pastor Dave being sick and missing a Sunday! And to make it worse (for him) yesterday was the children's Christmas program -- his favorite thing! The kids took a completely different twist on the Christmas story -- they told it from the perspective of the animals! Amazing and we all had tears -- of joy and laughter and all of us left with a new way to tell the story of Jesus's birth!
After service it was time to meet with all those who have signed up for the annual gift wrapping day being held this Saturday at the mall. We wrap gifts -- completely free -- no donations accepted -- and for me it's Christmas! We have to cover a few "rules" and everyone will be blessed beyond their wildest dreams while blessing others beyond their wildest dreams! I love how God works that way!
A quick bite to eat and Shelley had to be off to work. We spent the rest of the day removing snow from our porch and sidewalk -- I lost count how many times as the snow came down in some of the biggest flakes I've seen! Beautiful!
Schools were delayed 2 hours this morning so I didn't need to take my grandkids. I decided to bundle up in my coveralls (yes, girls can wear coveralls), hat, scarf and the biggest and thickest gloves I could find as the winds were (and are) howling around 25 miles per hour!
I knew my neighbor had his first rehab appointment this morning. He's been waiting for this for weeks. He had liver surgery and knows this is the first step to recovering more of his strength.
The snow had drifted up the front of their garage door and they had already pushed through it with their car. After some time I had the driveway and walkway cleared. It's great to go out early, when everything is still so pure white -- watching the birds flock to our feeders. Their chirping and songs tell me how thankful they are to have those feeders -- a reminder to myself to be more thankful! The neighbors called later to ask if I had seen anyone at their house on their drive?! It's fun to do things unseen! :)
This afternoon I have been working on a somewhat gourmet meal -- for a couple in our church who have been -- and are still -- in a battle! Reid was diagnosed with brain cancer a few months ago and has already undergone surgery. He then developed blood clots -- in numerous places, and is really struggling and praying and healing. We, the church, are bringing meals to them on a nightly basis and we are blessed to be the ones on the schedule for tonight! I love cooking, especially for others! A few disposable pans and a quick trip to the grocery and we've got everything in the oven and will be on our way in a couple of hours!
It might be winter here, a time when folks think of staying inside where it's warm. But . . . there are soooooo many opportunities for all of us to reach out and help someone else. If you're like us, all we need to do is step out of our door and there are opportunities right in front of our faces in all directions.
Be careful -- you might get some much needed exercise and you will definitely be blessed!
Until next time . . . another pastoral visit tomorrow to promote our missions school so please keep us covered in prayers! Thanks a bunch! Susan and Monty

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