Friday, July 02, 2010

1 month already?

Yep -- this is resting!??
Monty worked on mowers and got them both working -- one of our neighbors donated a new blade and after he did some major repairs on the old back up mower and got it working he decided to "test it" by mowing the back yard today! The neighbors had to take a seat as mowing is something he does NOT enjoy and something I do! And when he even got the weed eater out and not only did ours and 2 neighbors but took to the weeds in the street cracks we all began to worry! :)
I have spent the past week sanding our decks -- using a belt sander to get through the peeling layer after layer of paint! This is the task I wanted to take on and thanks to some perfect weather it's actually been fun for me. The back one is done and the front only needs the floor done and they will both be ready for primer and paint!
We've been busy but we've been having fun getting things running and looking like someone actually lives here.
Last night we got to see the grandkids again when our daughter called for a decorating opinion which she and Monty were in total agreement on! The rug had to go! We all had a laugh over it and the kids are always fun to spend time with.
This evening we are headed to some friends who called with a major mold problem in their basement. Since she is pregnant this is a priority so off we go to assess the situation and see what needs to be done.
What we can't believe is that one month ago tomorrow we left Texas! The time has flown by and before we know it our 3 months will be up and off we will go -- where? Just listen to the hurricane forecast and watch what happens and you will know when we know.
In the meantime -- we've got a bit more work to do and a bit more visiting with family, friends and neighbors.
Until next time . . . have you helped your neighbor with anything lately? Susan and Monty

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