Monday, July 26, 2010

Special Notice

We are home from the Rally and I will talk about that another day.

For now --- just received a phone call from Janey (for those of you who have been following us it's Janey and Logan) and Logan passed away this morning. Janey said he had not been feeling well for the past couple of weeks and this morning was his day to go and join the Lord in heaven! Please keep she and the family in your prayers. We all know that Logan had been through some terrible health problems and we thank God for allowing us to get to know and love he and Janey.

Also, while we were gone we received a call saying a member of Monty's family passed away. The family has asked Monty to officiate the funeral this Wednesday. We met with the family this afternoon to finalize some details and also ask that you keep the entire family in your prayers.

We all know our days are numbered and we should all thank God for each day we have on this earth. Although it's sad for us when a loved one passes away we are to rejoice and celebrate their life and their new life in heaven!

Until next time . . . call a family member and tell them you love them! Susan and Monty

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