Friday, July 23, 2010

An Amazing Honor

These past 2 days have been like a whirlwind! As you know, we are in Kentucky at the Good Sam Club annual Rally where we won the RVer of the Year award.

Yesterday we were honored to be a part of the first days activities. A tour for all those who won "best this or best that"; like Cracker Barrel being the RVers favorite sit down restaurant because everyone knows they have special parking in the rear of their places for those of us pulling campers, the Flying J truck stop for best gas, and so on. From there it was off to appetizers and then a wonderful dinner where each of those listed above received their awards.

Then it was our turn to receive our award. It was so extremely humbling! We are not nor have we ever been about awards and to receive this one, hearing them describe our work, our ministry --- it was tough to hold back the tears. The showed everyone the video we have of Ms Faye and Mike (see March of 2007 for their full story) and by the end nearly everyone else was in tears. We received a standing ovation! What an awesome God we serve!

Immediately after the dinner we were wisked away to the stadium where we were honored once again -- this time in front of who knows how many people! The spot lights blinded us while we were on stage and I think that might have been a good thing! The video of us being featured on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams was shown to give everyone just a taste of our ministry. Camping World took the stage as one of the major sponsors and decided to give us a nice gift certificate -- we can now replace the broken down chair and couch in our trailer! Incredible! It also meant the world to us to have Monty's parents sitting right in front for the whole thing. My parents weren't able to make it as my mother is ill -- both of us broken hearted!

Right after the honors we were all entertained by Bob Newhart! We all remembered his TVshows and seeing him in person --- especially with front row seats --- fantastic!

By the time we arrived back at our room we were exhausted mentally and emotionally but still wound for sound -- a tough set of emotions to make sense of!

This morning we were up and back at the Rally bright and early. They had a dog show that I wanted to see and we all laughed at all the categories, the dogs and their owners. Since we were unable to bring our camper we left our dogs at home and today I really missed them. I know they could have won something!? :)

After the show we grabbed lunch and headed into the room where all the vendors were set up with everything imaginable -- and some not imaginable -- needed or wanted for campers! It was alot of fun.

By the time we were finished -- and we didn't even see it all -- we had to grab a bite for dinner so we could be back for tonights entertainment ----- Tanya Tucker!! And once again -- FRONT row seats!!!

As we traveled throughout this day we were constantly stopped by folks wanting to shake our hands, give us hugs, and thank us for serving God in what we do! We were prayed for and thanked and loved on all throughout the day and into this evening. Even after the concert we had people coming up to us and going so far as to stopping us in the parking lot as we tried to leave! This is something we are not used to and admit that although it is an honor beyond description it is a bit uncomfortable. All we are doing is following the call God has placed on our lives. Our mission statement isn't very long or detailed; "help the people" --- but somehow God has managed to work through us to allow thousands to see Him at work! THAT is more than humbling!

Tomorrow we are scheduled to be at what's called "Meet and Greet" where we will be set up at a table where people can talk with us or ask questions. We do have our business cards and I did make a letter of sorts to try and describe what we actually do when we are in the field. Please pray that God will give us the words and that all we do and say will be to His glory!

People are asking how to come and help -- they are giving us their cards -- they are praying for us -- they are smiling and thanking God for the work we have been doing.

The problem?????????????? All the work has been done by YOU ---- the volunteers who have come and rolled up your sleeves and done the work! YOU have rebuilt lives by rebuilding homes and YOU should be the ones receiving this award -- the thanks -- the hugs -- the smiles and the prayers!

But I guess we'll have to do what they do elsewhere --- "we accept this award on behalf of all of YOU who weren't able to be here!"

Thank you Good Sam Club!

Until next time . . . feel better Mom! Susan and Monty

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