Monday, July 19, 2010


If you look really close you can see one of our hummingbirds off to the left of the feeder. They swarm this one and the one in the back, not even caring if we are sitting out next to them -- one of the things that's nice about being home. Just one!

These early days of this week are being spent preparing for the RV Rally being held in Louisville, KY this week. Since we won the RVers of the year we have some responsibilities to fulfill. It was our hope and plan to be taking our newly rebuilt camper trailer and parking in the number one spot -- but sometimes plan B has to be put into motion. This is one of those times. Monty's '95 Ford that we use to pull the trailer has major front end and engine problems and will be in the shop for quite some time. It's what happens with older vehicles and thankfully we have a team of local guys who take care of our vehicles for us. They said it was a miracle we even made it back from picking it up at Elkhart last week! God is in the business of miracles so . . . thank you Lord!

Today I spent quite a bit of time at the church office copying a newsletter of sorts. We were asked if we had a brochure of any kind and since it takes money to do such a thing we decided to create a letter with basic information describing what we do and how we are supported. Since we have absolutely no idea how many people to expect during the "meet and greet" on Saturday I made about 2500 copies. It would be nice to run out in this case! Time will tell.

Thursday night is the Awards night and we have no idea what to expect. Both our parents are making the trip and we are honored to accept this award. They plan to show a couple of videos that we have to explain disaster missions. Should be a great evening and alot of fun even if we don't consider ourselves as "campers" or RVers.

Yesterday was alot of fun for me personally -- I was honored to preach the sermon at our home church! Pastor's daughter is in labor and we are all awaiting the news that this baby has finally arrived. With him needing to focus on family it was an honor for me to deliver a message. I think everyone must have been okay with "third string" as they ran out of CDs to make copies on -- or else they just had a few CDs on hand! :)

And yes, we are still awaiting word on this baby. It's their first and they made the decision to not know ahead of time if its a boy or girl. Whichever it is -- it is taking its sweet time and mom is being a real trooper in all this! Please keep all of them in your prayers!

Until next time . . . speedy delivery Lord, speedy and safe delivery! Susan and Monty

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