Monday, June 28, 2010


First and foremost we ask for prayers -- that what is currently tropical storm Alex will not become hurricane Alex and will not come crashing into the Texas area! Our God is almighty and ruler over the winds and the waves in the seas and with all our prayers coming together miracles can happen. After all, miracles are just prayers that have been answered!

The past week has been filled with all sorts of things, things we have missed out on while in the field. The photos show our grandchildren -- Luke at his final baseball game where they received their trophies. It was so fun to see them hit the ball off the tee and run the bases! The other photo is them when they came to our house yesterday and saw a small dog for the first time! They have a rather huge chocolate lab at home and their other grandparents also have large dogs. They were amazed at how Bitty can jump and how fast she runs! It was such a joy to see the expressions on their faces and to hear Liv beg to bring Bitty home with her! Oh how we have missed those small priceless moments!

We also spent most of the weekend once again working outside in our yard. We got some of the trees trimmed and more weeds and quite unruly and unwanted shrubs removed. Monty got a bit overheated as the heat index here was near 100. Without the humidity we are used to he forgot to drink enough water but a bit of rest and he was good as new.

Today has a couple of things in store. One is a trip to Monty's heart doctor for a long awaited check up. Although he has been feeling fine he is way overdue for that annual checkup.

From there we will be headed to see the grandkids again -- the family needs a ceiling light fixture hung and a large mirror hung on the wall. They've been doing a bit of work in their own house and need a bit of help with these. It's a good excuse for us to see everyone anyway.

We heard from Timothy this morning -- always a good way to start the day. He and his wife are busy getting their own house completed -- too bad it's just not closer to us! :(

Yesterday was church and it seems our assistant pastor will be undergoing surgery sometime this week to remove the cancerous area on his colon. Another friend of ours is facing surgery to remove both his stomach and esophogus --- not a simple surgery and so both can use your added prayers.

Although the days seem to fly by we are trying to get some rest. Not being awaken by an alarm is a pleasant change and I think Monty is enjoying watching television way into the night! The thing I find most awesome is being able to wash clothes and not have to put quarters into the machine -- and to wash whenever I want to! It's also nice to have full sets of pots and pans and dishes and to cook meals once again -- real meals! Those little things that aren't so little when we are out in the field.

Once again, please pray for all who might be in the path of this storm -- pray that it blows out long before any damage can happen anywhere!

Until next time . . . blessings to all of you! Susan and Monty

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Art said...

Susan and Monty, I was checking in to catch up on what you guys were up to...been awhile, and read you are now home, such a loss for the state of Texas and such a blessing for both of you and the family. I know I speak for all you have touched here on the coast. We will never forget your hard work, tenacity and sheer will to change all of our lives for the better. God knows what He is doing when he chooses His workers. You guys are amazing. I STILL stand in the middle of my beautiful kitchen and enjoy the blessing. I love to take my shoes off and feel the coolness of the tiles and prep meals on my beautiful countertop. I'm certainly not alone in feelings of gratitude. Mixed emotions here that you guys are gone but certainly happy that you are enjoying family, home and the conveniences you did without for so long so all of us could have them again. God bless you both! Linda, Paul, Pinky and the Boys from San Leon