Wednesday, July 14, 2010

God's Priceless Provision

14 hours after we started this day we are still in shock. We shouldn't be -- God promised us He would take care of us when He called us into this disaster ministry. He always has, He's never gone back on that promise. So why are we in shock?

Isn't a miracle just an answered prayer?

Isn't God in the business of sometimes answering prayers above and beyond anything we could imagine?

Today He did just that -- WAY above and WAY beyond!

If you have been keeping up with us you know our camper trailer was damaged in a storm while we were in Texas. The insurance company totalled it out as they said the damage was more than 80% of the value of the trailer - and then they cancelled the insurance on it. We had a couple of estimates and realized that they were way out of our ballpark. We weren't sure what we were going to do.

And then --- don't our Moms always have the answers? Mine did! She reminded me that we are the RVers of the year and that we might want to contact them and just let them know what was happening with us. Why not? One never knows.

Long story short -- they asked us to bring it to the plant which is located nearly 4 1/2 hours from us. We did that only days after coming back here for our sabbatical. It's been there for over a month and Monday they called to say it ready today.

We headed out early this morning and when we arrived we were shocked -- in a really good way. Ever seen the show "Overhauled"? We were overhauled!

Our much used trailer now has a brand new roof, complete with rafters and every inch caulked. That includes all new vent hatches on top and a new TV antenna. The ceilings inside are all new along with lights. They took care of every little detail -- way beyond what we could have imagined. The old nasty carpeting that we had removed months ago -- now new carpet has been installed. The damaged piece of siding on the exterior has been replaced with new. The broken window latch -- which is the fire escape window -- is no longer broken. Our tires and wheels won't be subjected to blowouts anymore -- new! The exterior walls and ceiling on the slide are also new -- no more leaks to be concerned about. There might even be more but I can't remember and when we got home it was dark so I'm excited to open it up tomorrow and start moving our things back in and see what else I find.

It was so exciting to meet the men and women responsible for all the work. It brought tears to our eyes and when they smiled and hugged each of us it only brought more tears of joy!

When we are in the field we live in this trailer 24/7 -- we don't "camp." When things begin to go wrong and need repairs we do the best we can. But when the big things start happening it gets extremely tough. What this company and these people did is priceless! Until we reached home on June 4th of this year we had lived in our camper day after day after day since January 2008! And now when we start out on the next adventure God has for us we will be able to go worry free when it comes to living!

I just can't find the words to express how I feel. When we go in and rebuild folks homes they try and thank us and can't find the words and now I know how they feel.

God is such an awesome God and we are so thankful to Him for His constant provision! Just when I think I've seen so many miracles He steps in and reminds me that He is all powerful and with Him nothing is impossible.

To those of you who have kept us and this trailer problem in your prayers -- we deeply appreciate each and every prayer and please know that God heard each one and acted on each one -- in a huge way!

What an awesome God we serve! How blessed we are to serve Him!

Until next time . . . may God bless those who made this possible! Susan and Monty

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