Saturday, July 17, 2010

Plan B

As some of you might know, next week is The Rally! Good Sam Club's largest RV rally in the US and the club that will be honoring us with the "RVer of the Year" award. It's being held in Louisville, KY which is only a couple of hours from us here at home. We've known about this since last Sept and didn't know for sure if we would make it.

Since it falls in our sabbatical time we have been putting things together to leave next week. With the awesome news of the camper being repaired beyond our dreams we thought we were set to roll. Think again! Now Monty's truck, the one that pulls the trailer, has major mechanical problems! Major! We knew it was going to need some "help" but nothing like this and not at this time. So . . . plan B is in effect. We contacted the Rally reps and told them we could not make it with our trailer. They stepped up and we will now be staying in a hotel nearby and once again our dog sitter is on hold waiting to hear when she needs to come and stay at the house! Isn't God amazing! He knew all along that we needed the "rest" that will come with not hauling the trailer, not needing to keep watch over the dogs and not putting the extra stress on the trailer!

So --- we are leaving next week and are looking forward to meeting thousands of folks and making some new friends! Please keep us in your prayers for safe travel and that God will use us to reach out and spread His plan for our lives!

In the meantime days go by along with the time. Yesterday I spent the day with my mom, a real treat! I need to do it more often and hopefully will! As usual, we laughed together and cried together -- God blessed us each with the gift of doing both easily.

Monty spent the afternoon with some guy friends from church and really had a good time! He needed that as much as I needed my mom!

He also spent time getting this computer ready for me. Mine died -- really died! We have it with one of our friends who will hopefully be able to fix it but in the meantime I have "confiscated" Monty's. It's amazing how we get used to our own and changing is tough! Of course that has nothing to do with aging!! :)

I also made a hospital visit yesterday while with my mom. One of our church friends took a terrible fall a couple of days ago and managed to break both arms! Yes, both! She had surgery yesterday to rebuild her shattered right shoulder and see what they could do with the broken left one. And all she was worried about was how she could still pray for her friend at church and who would pick up the bagels for Sunday morning! Now that's a heart of service and love for others! Please keep Jeri in your prayers!

We thank you for ALL of your prayers!

Until next time . . . bless another today! Susan and Monty

PS I got an email saying Collier and Justine's house is nearing a House Blessing! Praise the Lord!

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