Tuesday, July 06, 2010

No Strangers

Yesterday Monty and I were headed to Columbus to spend the day with my family at a lot my brother and sister in law just purchased. It was going to be a relaxing day just sitting outside visiting with each other and enjoying some good food.

God stepped in very early in the day!

Normally I have been cooking since we've been home -- breakfast being alot of fun. Yesterday we decided to stop by Bob Evans for a treat. Nothing really special, just someone else cooking for a change.

God and His Almighty plans -- and Monty with his amazing obedience!

As we were sitting at our table we noticed 3 young men at the table next to us. We couldn't help overhearing bits and pieces of their conversation -- all mixed with thoughts of God and the Holy Spirit. Monty was sitting closest to them and now I realize he probably didn't hear one word I was saying as he had a discerning ear leaned over to those young men. He was listening to the urging of our Father.

At the end of our meal he just abruptly got up and took the one remaining seat at the table with the young men. He introduced himself and for the next nearly 10 minutes they were totally captivated by his words to them. It was amazing to watch -- it brought tears to my eyes and I didn't even know what they were saying!

At the end of their conversation he made sure they each had one of our business cards. He then said he wanted to pray for them. Four grown men sitting in the middle of Bob Evans, hands clasped together, heads bowed and prayer going up to an amazing Lord. I watched the heads of others turn and also bow -- and they couldn't hear any of the words either but the words didn't matter.

We left the restaurant and were in the truck driving out of the parking lot when the 3 young men approached Monty's side of the truck, smiling from ear to ear, saying they wanted to deeply thank him for taking the time to come and talk with them and how much they appreciated it. They all talked for a few more minutes when they asked if they could pray for him! And pray they did! Somehow God had tuned them in to exactly what to pray for -- and they didn't even know Monty! It was so powerful that I wondered if he could concentrate on the road enough to drive!

I once again found myself in awe -- at how well Monty listens to that still small voice of God when He tells him to go and talk with folks he's never met and who he knows nothing about! I also smiled inside as I realized just how that obedience had filled Monty with emotions that I hadn't seen in awhile -- I think the God ordered rest is helping!

And then came today when I finally got around to checking email! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the young men had emailed a thank you for yesterday. He explained that he was in the army and stationed in New York. The reason he and his friends were here in Bloomington, Indiana? He has been diagnosed with brain cancer and is here for special treatments!!!!!!!!!!!!

My jaw dropped to the table, my heart both sank and smiled!

"What if" Monty had not followed that tug from the Lord and not spoken to them?
"What if" Monty had not prayed with them?
"What if" whatever he said to them he had not said?

The Bible is very plain and very adament about telling us to reach out to others, to do what we can whenever we can, wherever we can.

Are there strangers in this world? No! Just folks we haven't met yet!

This was NOT a "chance" meeting! This was NOT a "coincidence"!
This was GOD!
We will most definitely be keeping in touch with this young man!

I now know why God told us to be home at this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you reached out to a "stranger" lately? Doing so just might change both your lives!!!!!!!!!
Until next time . . . I thank God for the husband I am blessed with! Susan and Monty

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