Sunday, June 06, 2010

I almost forgot

I almost forgot what space was like, what it was to be able to walk all the way around the bed to make it each morning, for both Monty and I to be able to be in the bathroom at the same time, to stand side by side at the sinks and brush our teeth, to be able to open windows and feel the cool breeze pouring in, to have a full size refrigerator, to be able to wash cloths without putting quarters in both the washer and the dryer, to be able to shower and leave the water running knowing there is plenty of hot water . . .
I could go on and on . . . seeing my youngest daughter and holding her in my arms while tears stream down my face, playing with my grandson and his Hot Wheels and with my granddaughter as she asks for the Jesus book to be read before taking her nap, seeing my middle daughter and talking about helping them install new flooring in their home, having breakfast with my inlaws and having my mother in law sit with us in church, going to our home church and soaking up each and every hug wishing they would never end, talking with church family and realizing we will be able to be here when Susie has her first baby (Pastor Dave's daughter), seeing how the kids have grown and how some have kids of their own now . . .
I could keep going but . . .
The above photos --- we will NEVER be able to thank Timothy for everything he has done, is doing and will continue to do over the next couple of weeks while he stays with us. The laughter has been unlimited and side splitting and life giving.
You can also see how it is an "episode" for us all to gas up while traveling! And of course Monty and Timothy -- priceless!
And last but not least is Bitty while riding for 27 hours in the truck! Her face says it all! They have done nothing but run and look out each and every window of the house the past 2 days at home. And they are exhausted!
We have managed to unload every single item in our camper trailer, thanks to our neighbor Shelley's help, and have it packed in a spare room for now! And I truly mean packed! This week, most likely Tuesday, we will be taking it to Elkhart to the factory for them to install our new roof! And then we will bring it back and reload it with everything! It has to stay ready to roll, all things inside stay there, they aren't brought into the house for use, they have to be in place and ready for the next adventure God has for us.
Many, many things around the house need attention -- 3 years is a long time for it to sit empty! One by one, day by day we will get them done! Timothy will be a blessing beyond words because when Monty says "we" will be doing this or "we" will be doing that ---- it doesn't mean me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Until next time . . . look at your own home with a new appreciation and realize how blessed you are! Susan and Monty

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