Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tune Up -- Fill Up

Yesterday Monty and his family attended the funeral of his grandmother's brother. It was a good time to see everyone and I know they were glad to see him.

Timothy and I headed off to dig up some hosta plants that seem to be flourishing at my daughters house. She was thrilled to have us dig up some and bring them here to replant where I pulled out some old and dying shrubs. Timothy also measured for some new flooring that they want us to "help" install sometime in the next month. It was a quick chance to see them and the grandkids once again! Priceless!

The rest of the day I spent powerwashing -- the decks that have more paint peeling than sticking on them! What an enormous mess! I also managed to clean most of the exterior of the house and guttering. I think I had more water and chipped paint on me than anyplace else! It was good to get it done which means my next step is to sand the heck out of each deck -- clean down to nothing and then prime and repaint them both!

Timothy worked on trucks -- and then worked some more on trucks!

By the time Monty arrived home we were both quite tired. And then the storms came in -- black skies and blowing winds and pouring rains -- along with 2 tornado touch downs someplace near here. We escaped damage but tonight looks like it might be worse!

Today I got the first chance I've had to get some refilling of my own. I returned to a Bible Study held in the next town to the south and it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!! A woman pastor holds it each week and as we were driving home God was quite clear in telling me I needed to be at that Bible study each week! He was right! It was all about fear and the power it has when we let it in! Believe me -- I'll be there next week and each week here after.

And once again -- the guys were under the trucks working on problems and getting things done. Timothy and his "gear head" is amazing and such a blessing to us. Having older trucks and putting the amount of miles on them that we do is tough on them. Keeping them maintained is also tough and now that we have the time and Timothy with his knowlege - thank you Lord!

I also spoke with Alan back in Texas today and all is going well there. This is a big week of over 200 volunteers so many homeowners are getting closer and closer to being done while others are just beginning! He and his family will be heading up here to Indiana in August and we will be sure and get together and catch up on all sorts of things! Family!

We are so thankful to be home, to be able to get some much needed work done on so many levels and we are thankful to all of you for continuing your support of our disaster ministry. This is catch up time along with preparation time -- catching up on needed things and preparing for the next adventure.

Until next time . . . bless you! Susan and Monty

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