Sunday, June 13, 2010


The past few days have been nothing short of a whirlwind!

Accomplishments -- the yard is now free of any dead and/or overgrown shrubs. The grass has been mowed and the shrubs trimmed. The trees are still waiting for their turn. The mower was also repaired to make the mowing even possible. The garbage disposal is now "unlocked" and working like a charm. The broken kitchen drawer is also repaired and rolling once again. The "items" removed from the camper trailer are more organized and atleast findable (if that's a word).

Things remaining -- you don't want these things listed! Being away from our house for 3 years makes this list just way too long . . . but . . . we will get to them in due time!

Yesterday was a great day -- a reminder of the blessings of family and being home to enjoy them! It was the celebration for my granddaughter's 2nd birthday. She and her 5 year old brother had a blast! She had already made the decision, and was quite vocal about it, about the kind of party she wanted --- a Princess party! Princess it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The dress up shoes, bracelet and earrings she had on when she greeted us at the door were only the beginning -- there were plenty more Princess gifts waiting. She got everything from more dress up clothes, shoes and jewelry to a Princess phone and a Princess big wheel! She smiled with each one and when it came time for cake she had to have one of the flowers! Priceless!

Prior to the party we went to visit some of our old friends and had fun remembering and laughing and sharing life in general. It was a double blessing to see that all have "grown up" and are doing well!

After the party we were able to have dinner with my parents and share even more laughs. By this time Timothy either thinks we are all insane or . . .

At the end of the day I had a feeling that I haven't had in a long time --- the ability to see family and friends is indeed priceless. Having all my "kids" in one spot -- long enough to even get a photo -- really warmed my heart and was just what I needed. Being out in the field God has always placed an abundance of children in my path and getting to know and love them lessens the pain of missing my own. But . . . yesterday was great and I thank God for allowing us to be here and share in all the joy of family!

This morning we were able to see more of our church family and Monty and Timothy are actually taking a much needed nap as I write this.

Tomorrow we will be back at it. Monty has a family funeral to attend, the brother of his grandmother passed away last week.

Timothy and I will come up with more to do, no doubt about that. He plans on staying with us another week before heading back to his awesome wife in Florida!

I did get an email from the UMCOR team in Texas saying how much they missed us. I think of them and the homeowners every single day! I have talked with some of the homeowners and all are doing well. Next week is a huge week of volunteers and I will check up on them all and see how they are progressing! It's tough to have your heart in more than one place!

Until next time we thank all of you who continue to hold us up in prayer and help support us financially. Without YOU our ministry would not be able to continue. We WILL be back out in the field at the end of our sabbatical -- exactly where God sends us!

Blessings and love to all. Susan and Monty

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