Friday, June 04, 2010

HOME --- after nearly 3 years!

Yep -- 27 hours of drive time in a 3 day time period -- and we arrived home late this afternoon! The trip was uneventful -- thank you Lord -- and the scenery was beautiful. It was just a very !!! long trip. Home looked so good and feels a bit weird right now.

Having Timothy with us is a blessing that cannot be fully expressed in words! He has guided us, he has a sense of humor that is priceless and that helped us with a couple of "events" that go along with traveling! :)

Now we get things settled, or as much as possible for the next 3 months.

Tomorrow will be the unloading of every single thing inside the trailer to prepare for the trip to Elkhart to have the roof replaced and necessary repairs done. Monty and Timothy will be taking care of the unloading to allow me time to spend with my grandchildren!

My youngest daughter and her boyfriend came over to see us this evening and what a sight for my sore eyes! I haven't seen her in nearly 2 years and I just couldn't hold back the tears of joy! I am continually amazed at how quickly they grown into adults and so proud of each of my children and thank God for the blessing they are. And tomorrow I get to see my grandson and granddaughter!!!! And next will come our parents, siblings and extended family along with all our church family! How awesome that will be!

For now, we try and unwind, try and let our minds relax a bit, try and spread out in our home, try and get used to the spreading out, try and catch up with hugs with neighbors, family and friends and thank God for this break!

We thank you for keeping us covered in prayers. Remember to stay tuned as we will still be in touch with our team in Texas and at the same time seeing what God is planning for our next adventure.

For now ----------------- REST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time . . . Lord, thank you for our home! Susan and Monty

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