Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Working" vacation????

Yes, even though we aren't in our trailer at camp the phones still ring and yes -- I have to answer!

The past couple of days have been thought provoking, to say the least.

Yesterday I received a call from someone on a past team asking if it was "all over" down here -- we didn't still need help, did we? It struck a cord in me -- and not a good one! I was courteous but yet let him know it was a long way from "over" and even years from now it won't be "over." Maybe he'll come with a team!

Another call from another organization who has and hopes to continue donating funds to the local Long Term Recovery organization here. They would like for Monty and I to meet them at Marie's house tomorrow --- to visibly show these donors what it's all about. They need to actually see a home being rebuilt -- to hear about the process and to know that it's not "over" and their funds are desperately needed to continue. And yes, even though we are supposed to be "off" this week -- we will certainly be there!

Yet another call came from an organization planning on coming to the San Leon area in June and want to take on the rebuilding of Mercy's house. It's been quite some time ago when I told you about Mercy. She lives in a double wide mobile home with her 5 children. Her latest doctor appointment resulted in the news that she will be loosing a kidney to cancer. She still comes to Pastor Bob's church every single Friday morning and helps hand out food to those who wait in line just to get their basic needs met!! Her home needs a new roof, siding, insulation underneath, skirting, windows sealed, ceilings in 2 rooms repaired and the kitchen sink cabinets and flooring replaced. This team is planning on bringing 62 volunteers with them along with a few funds. We were blessed to be approved for funds through the long term recovery but haven't been able to find the volunteers to go and do the work --- I think I see God's hand in things again!!!! It's another one of those "His timing" things and it was such a blessing to just be able to talk with him on the phone. We will start putting together materials and plans immediately next week!

So "is it all over?" some might ask---far from it! Do we need the additional funding that sources can supply? Without a doubt! Do we still need the teams of volunteers to come? Positively!

The calls for help continue to come in. The needs are there. It's up to us to know and tap into the available resources. It's up to YOU to come and help.

Time off? Yes, we've sat by the pool for a short time, we've eaten a couple of nice meals -- and the phones still ring and we still take information and we still continue the calling God has placed on our lives!

Time off? You've got to be kidding! :)

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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